This PolishAmericanReview Polish American website is dedicated to defending people of Polish ancestry while providing commentary on historical and recent events. This website puts up front documentation of how people of Polish ancestry have been unfairly attacked by Poland-Haters in an element of the "American" media to explain why there has been Anti-Polish prejudice in America.....especially during the peak Anti-Polish Bigotry days of the 1970's . We would like to thank all our viewers from all over the US and all over the world for visiting PolishAmericanReview.
 ____________THE SOVIET STORY___________
The untold story of the tremendous help the Soviet Union gave Nazi Germany in destroying Poland and other nations, including providing 2 years of oil and war material when Germany had limited resources. Both Nazi Germany (80 million people) & Soviet Russia (140 million people) would degrade Poland in their media before attacking Poland (32 million people) together in Sept. 1939. Poland fought BOTH huge nations...who together outnumbered Poland's population 7 to 1.... for 5 weeks before surrendering. [Historically (like in 1939 and 1795) Germany and Russia were ONLY SUCCESSFUL in invading Poland, WITH each other's help, despite each nation having a much larger population than Poland] When Germany or Russia tried to invade Poland alone, WITHOUT each other's help...each of them FAILED.
BIG LIE/MYTH of Polish Calvary attacking Nazi German tanks
NBC-TV/Seth Meyer's Anti-Polish Hate Joke Nov. 5, 2011
POLISH SQUADRON 303 - Despite the Anti-Polish TV-network NBC's TV anti-Polish Bigot Seth Meyer's degradation of Polish pilots on Nov. 5, 2011 as having "inferior intelligence....Historically Polish Pilots have been some of the greatest pilots of all time. In the Battle of Britain.. POLISH Squadron 303 had the highest kill rate against Nazi German fighter planes. If NOT for the heroic efforts of Polish Squadron 303 (and other Polish squadrons), Britain would have lost the Battle of Britain.... and Britain would have been occupied by Nazi German forces, which would have prevented US forces from staging American forces in Britain..... to eventually conqeur and defeat Nazi Germany. Thus, the Polish pilots in Squadron 303 and other Polish squadrons, who made up 9% of Allied pilots in the Battle of Britain, were responsible for 32% of kills against Nazi Germans in the Battle of Britain and ENABLING Allied forces to win WWII.
CBS-TV's "All in the Family" Polish jokes originated from Nazi German propaganda.

How the CBS-TV 1970's TV show "All in the Family" that was "meant to fight ethnic bigotry".... in reality MOSTLY RESULTED in virulent anti-Polish slur Bigotry against Polish Americans by other Americans who were brainwashed by the CONSTANT anti-Polish hate joke slurs they saw on the show. This show in conjunction with NBC-TV's rabid 1970's anti-Polish hate jokes....made the 1970's the peak decade of anti-Polish Hate "joke" Bigotry in America
Jan. 3, 1996 - NBC-TV's VICIOUS HATE CAMPAIGN AGAINST POLISH PEOPLE which includes ATTACKS ON THE POLISH POPE! Leonard Jarzab of the Polish American Guardian Society says NBC-TV has been pushing a SLUR CAMPAIGN against Polish people. Jarzab is 100% Right!
This newspaper report going back to 1968 shows that NBC-TV's hate campaign against Catholic ethnic groups was already in full bloom. NBC-TV anti-Polish Bigot George Schlatter and his fellow anti-Polish Bigot morons Rowan and Martin were already going crazy viciously attacking Polish and Italian people with ethnic slurs. Of course George Schlatter never disclosed to the American people that his so called "Polish jokes" were really Nazi German subhuman intelligence jokes that Nazi Germans told Poles while they were murdering them in the Nazi German death camps and in the Nazi German killing pits across Poland.

Italian American Group and Polish American Guardian Society protest NBC-TV defamation of Italians and Poles (Schenectady Gazzette July 15, 1968).,2869462
POLISH-HUNGARIAN BROTHERHOOD: Despite the Poles and Hungarians speaking very different languages and having different cultures, Poland and Hungary have a deep friendship that has lasted for about 800 years. This is unprecedented in any region of the world between two nations. Polish people will always appreciate the friendship of their Hungarian Brothers. May the Polish-Hungarian friendship continue for hundreds of more years
Rob Gronkowski accomplishments
In 2007 AND 2003 Polish college students won the difficult IBM BATTLE OF THE BRAINS World computer programming contest & ALMOST won this IBM WORLD contest in 2012. In 2013, TWO Polish universities are among the TOP TEN winners of the World.
British Guardian newspaper EXPOSES NAZI HOAX of "Polish Calvalry charging German tanks"
A "Polack" is told "Polish jokes" ethnic slurs... then murdered by anti-Polish Bigots
A kind gesture: Rob Gronkowski shaves his head to raise money for children with cancer
Pop Stars and Rock Bands with singers and Musicians OF Polish roots - See new addition "Polish Prince" Bobby Vinton - "Blue on Blue"
Polish Tennis player Agnieszka Radwandska's amazing winning shot at 2013 Sony Open
USA Today on Radwanska's nice shot that surprises her opponent. Considered to be the shot of the tournament.
Ray Manzarek Background
HATE WATCH OF ANTI-POLISH  BIGOTS in the "American" media
Justin Moyer of the Washington Post newspaper ATTACKS Poland on May 9. 2013 with the BIG LIE that Nazi German Death Camps are "Polish Death Camps". This is hardly the first time the Washington Post VICIOUSLY ATTACKED Poland with these VILE ANTI-Polish Lies. But this is to be expected from the WHITE LEFT-WING SUPREMACISTS at the Washington Post who have BASHED Polish people for many years with their sick anti-Polish BIGOTRY AND LIES! This same anti-Polish newspaper for DECADES SAID NOTHING....when its fellow WHITE LEFT-WING SUPREMACISTS at NBC-TV and CBS-TV (with CBS-TV's VICIOUS ANTI-POLISH show "All in the Family") were BASHING THE HELL OUT OF POLISH PEOPLE with NAZI GERMan ethnic slur "jokes" about Polish people having "subhuman intelligence". This is just more proof that the Washington Post (and newspapers like it) are VICIOUS SICK ANTI-POLISH HATE MONGERING BIGOTS!!!!!!!
Washington Post Anti-Polish Bigot Justin Moyer (Not all of Washington Post is Anti-Polish) CONTINUES LIES and hatred against Poles
Polish American Guardian Society shows NBC-TV's malicious hatred for Polish Pope and Polish people.
Jean Stapleton of the Anti-Polish TV show "All in the Family" died. Although she was not an anti-Polish Bigot, many Polish Americans feel the producer of her show.....Norman Lear was. Polish Americans talk about the show's anti-Polish slurs & sound bites and the impact this had on the attitude of Americans on Polish Americans as well as on Polish Americans themselves.
There once was a kid.......
Rob Gronkowski Highlights
US Vice President Joe Biden praises Polish courage and fight for democracy
Forgotten Badasses: Bill Romanowski
Bill Romanowski Tribute
RIP Polish American Ray Manzarek of the DOORS. Manzarek was considered to be one of the greatest key board players of all time.
NFL Kicker Sebastian Janikowski TIES record for longest Field Goal kick
Polish-Danish player
Caroline Wozniacki
Although Jane Krakowski is well known as an actor she is multi-talented and also enjoys singing as a hobby
Cute Polish singer Ewa Sonnet
 Joanna Krupa
Polish American & International Polish Models and actresses:
Chicago Tribune Jan 3, 1996 - Polish American Guardian Society suit against NBC-TV's defamation of the Polish Pope and Polish people Note: NBC-TV barely won this lawsuit (only after pouring tons of money defending itself) since the judge rejected NBC's motion to dismiss the suit FOUR TIMES
1960's & 1970's stereotype in America of Polish people having "inferior intelligence" originated in the STUDIOS of Hollywood & "American" TV networks:
Hope Dworaczyk
Mariusz Pudzianowski - a successful power lifter and businessman
Polish-German player
Sabine Lisicki
Polish-German player Angelique Kerber
International Tennis players of Polish ancestry hanging out - Angelique Kerber (Germany) Agnieszka Radwanska (Poland) Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark) Urszula Radwanska (Poland). Note: they are also friends with Polish German tennis player Sabine Lisicki
Despite what country they live in or play for...Polish tennis girls stick together
Pullng an airplane
Pulling a train among other tasks.
Some say he's a legendary
strong man competitor.
Ines Cudna
Hollywood helped Adolf Hitler spread Nazi propaganda, academic historian claims
Polish-German Sabine Lisicki defeats powerhouse Serena Williams

July 1, 2013 Newsmax wire - Who's the tennis player who took down Serena Williams? Sabine Lisicki is the young blonde beauty who shocked the world by beating five-time champion Serena Williams at Wimbledon this week.

Though not a household name like the Williams sisters, Lisicki, 23, has been a pro since 2006, according to Wikipedia, making it to the quarter-finals in Wimbledon in 2009 and the semifinals in 2011.
Janowicz makes Polish history with 2013 Wimbledon semi-final spot

Jerzy Janowicz Awsome Winning moment - 2013 Wimbledon Quarter finals
Joanna Krupa dances Waltz in "Dancing with the Stars"
Dances Quick Step
Edyta Sliwinska dances Mamba in "Dancing with the Stars"
Edita Sliwinska dances Shake-Shake
Dances in white in a couple's dance.
One can see how Australian-Polish model/actress Yvonne Strahoski was a big factor in attracting a large male audience to the show "Chuck"
Hot scenes from "Chuck" especially 13:59 to 19:00
"Little Wonders" Sarah/Yvonne Strahoski scenes from "Chuck"
Within the past decade Poland & Central/Eastern Europe have been churning out many math, science & computing college graduates that have been acquired by major companies. In Dec. 2005, Richard Lada, VP of Motorola Central/Eastern European Operations, says "Poles have a can-do spirit".
"Soviet Story" on the Love Affair between Nazi-Germany and Soviet Russia which fueled the first 2 years of WWII. President Roosevelt and Winston Churchil criticized this Nazi-Soviet Union friendship. Soviet Union gave food to Nazi Germany while Soviet citizens were starving. Especially in Ukraine.
Polish Students Design Best Mars Rover of 2013
POLISH SPECIAL FORCES & MILITARY. Poland's historical zealous fighting spirit is the reason why nations much larger than Poland ALWAYS NEEDED each other's help to invade and attack Poland like in 1795 and 1939/WWII, despite having populations that were 3 to 4 times Poland's population. When these large bully nations like Germany and Russia tried to invade Poland WITHOUT each other's help, they always FAILED. This is because of the Polish fighting spirit. This link is about POLISH FORCES
God Bless Chester Grabowski and his "Post Eagle" for defending Poles
Everybody needs a Hynoski
Henry Hynoski's Hurdle - Giants vs Cowboys


TV show host Bonnie Hunt introduces Jared Padelecki as a "Nice Polish Boy"
Polish Actors:
Origin of Polish Jokes is Nazi German propaganda
ABC-TV's Anti-Polish Bigot Jimmy Kimmel pushes anti-Polish Nazi Hate jokes & Nazi propaganda against Poles - Dec 4, 2013
MAJOR UPSET at 2014 Australian Open by Agnieszka Radwanska

SI says: Radwanska took down Azarenka with her wit, cunning and craft
Jan 22, 2014 Highlights of Radwanska taking down Highly Favored Azarenka
Post Eagle says: CBS-TV's "Two Broke Girls" degrades Polish people - Sean Hannity & Brent Bozell say "Two Broke Girls" is Vile TV trash
Review of International events - Page 17- (Jan 2017) Poles destroy Kebab shops after Muslims murder Pole, (2016) Poles support Mr. Trump, Polish leader says Bill Clinton needs his BRAIN EXAMINED, Poles are against Islam, etc
Poland Repels Russian Soviet Invasion and saves Europe. Russia in 1920 FAILS to defeat Poland when it attacks Poland ALONE WITHOUT Germany's help,despite Russia's much larger population.
Review of US events - Page 14 - Dec 2016 - .The old corrupt Leftist "mainstream media" tried very hard to destroy Mr. Trump's chances at being president. The Leftist media degraded Mr. Trump, said he "had no chance" and laughed at him. But in the end it was Mr. Trump who had the last laugh. The American people saw through the media's anti-Trump lies and slander as shown at his rallies. See: 10000 Trump voters yell "CNN SUCKS!" , 9/28/16 Polish American Congress gives WARM welcome to Donald Trump, etc.
 Rob Gronkowski raises money for Firefighters benefit
Interesting & Mysterious Phenomenom & Technology - Page 21
Interesting News Websites - Page 22
Caroline Wozniacki on the Comeback Trail. Serena Williams says Caroline is Honorable and Kind and has a Good Heart
Danish Polish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, is new US Open Favorite
Caroline Wozniacki Wallops Sara Errani to reach 2014 US Open Semi-Finals
New Jersey so called "Holocaust Educational Curriculum" VICIOUSLY ATTACKS Polish Christians with Anti-Polish LIES, HATRED and SLANDER!
Caroline Wozniacki tennis object of fascination
Caroline Wozniacki says Serena Williams is a close friend and "great human being"
Popular Polish celebrities:
Media suppressed events of Polish courage and Intellectual accomplishments
A touching moment of American Snyper...@0.40 Kris Kyle's wife: "Do I ever tell you enough I am so proud of you?
April 19, 2015 - Polish leaders outraged over FBI head's column referring to Poles as Nazi 'accomplices'
Poland fury at Holocaust comment by FBI's James Comey
Poland summons ambassador over FBI Chief's Anti-Polish comments on Holocaust
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Videos of "Polish Joke" Nazi origin & how "American" TV used them to degrade Poles
Poland supports Israel
Oct. 2015 - Polish Americans ask NBC-TV president Stephen Burke to stop pushing Hitler/Nazi propaganda about Polish people
May 2016: Anti-Polish Bigot Bill Clinton attacks Poland and Hungary
Nov 2016 - VOTE Trump to Make America Great Again and to get revenge on disgusting Anti-Trump Anti-Polish media!!
        Cicha noc
Polish Christmas songs
Santa Must be Polish
Bez Reklam
Dzisiaj w Betlejem
Bog Sie Rodzi (God is Born)
Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy