The fact that the Polish character Mike Stivic was positioned to interact with Archie the most, many Polish American Anti-Bigotry groups felt was deliberate, so that disproportionately, the Polish character/identity would suffer the most ethnic slurs by Archie. Archie's anti-Polish slurs dominated the show and these anti-Polish sound bites were part of the 1970's TV media's conditioning of the American public to see Polish people as having inferior intelligence.
All in the Family got many of its laughs by playing on Archie's bigotry, although the dynamic tension between Archie and liberal Mike provided an ongoing political and social sounding board for a variety of topics. But Archie's disproportionate attack on Mike's Polish character was the basis for much of the anti-Polish Bigotry in America in the 1970's.

Despite the producer Norman Lear's claim that the show was suppose to be against bigotry, many Americans failed to see that and used Archie's anti-Polish "jokes"/slurs on their fellow Polish Americans. Polish American groups feel that the disproportionate amount of ethnic "jokes"/slurs against Polish people on "All in the Family", was a classic example of 1970's TV/Hollywood Bigotry against Polish people.

The inspiration for Archie Bunker was Alf Garnett, the character from the BBC sitcom Till Death Us Do Part, on which All in the Family was based. Archie, in turn, was an inspiration for Eric Cartman[2] of South Park.
In 2005, Archie Bunker was listed as number 1 on Bravo's 100 Greatest TV Characters,[3] defeating runners-up such as Lucy Ricardo, Arthur Fonzarelli, Homer Simpson, and Ralph Kramden.
Archie Bunker's own ethnicity is never explicitly stated, other than the fact that he is a WASP. (Archie's character voice was created by a mix of accents Carroll O'Connor heard while studying acting in New York City.[citation needed]) Although an Anglo-Saxon ancestry might suggest he is of English origin, Archie mocks the British and refers to England as a "fag country," because of their English accents. He also refers to Germans as "Krauts", the Irish as "Micks", the Japanese as "Japs", the Italians as "Dagos", the Chinese as "Chinks" and Hispanics or Latinos as "Spics." He often uses the word "colored" in reference to African-Americans. "Kike" was never used since the producer Norman Lear is Jewish and many of the Jewish jokes by Archie were mild in comparison to his ethnic jokes about others.

Many Polish Americans felt that the made up character “Archie Bunker” was prompted by the hateful-anti-Polish Bigot producer Norman Lear to deliberately attack and demean the image of Polish people. Although Norman Lear and his supporters claimed that Lear’s made up character Archie Bunker and his bigotry was meant as a referendum to be “against ethnic bigotry”……Many many Polish Americans disagreed with him. The late Chester Grabowski of the Polish American newspaper “The Post Eagle” has adamantly said that Norman Lear’s Archie Bunker’s PREDOMINATE BIGOTRY against Polish people was meant to use the TREMENDOUS POWER of CBS-TV’s Network power to DEMEAN and DEHUHUMANIZE MOSTLY POLISH people. Norman Lear’s “All in the Family” occurred during the decade of the 1970’s when anti-Polish joke HATRED was at its PEAK in America therefore proving that Norman Lear’s “All in the family” with its MASSIVE sound bites of “Dumb Polack” and “Meat Head Polack” sound bites were meant MOSTLY to degrade Polish people. As a RESULT of the PREDOMINATE sound bites of Norman Lear’s “All in the Family’s” character Archie Bunker’s OBSESSIVE hateful anti-Polish joke slur sound bites against Polish people…..Polish Americans found themselves as constant victims of Anti-Polish slurs of “Meat Head dumb Polacks” that this sicko anti-Polish Norman Lear’s IMPLANTED INTO THE MINDS of the mass majority of Americans who watched Lear’s “All in the Family”.

The Post Eagle newspaper has reported that its Polish American readers in the 1970’s and afterwards were constantly MOCKED by Americans who watched “All in the Family’ anti-Polish slurs and were VICICIOUSLY ATTACKED with the SAME anti-Polish sound bites of “Dumb Polack” and “Meat-head dumb Polack” that they saw on Norman Lear’s “All in the Family” TV show.

The Post Eagle newspaper and Polish American groups have stated that it was a RUSE that “All in the Family” was “meant to be against ethnic bigotry” since it only STIRRED up MASSIVE anti-Polish joke slur bigotry against Polish Americans in the 1970’s and afterwards. The Post Eagle has reported that some of its Polish American readers were THREATENED and ATTACKED by other Americans with Norman Lear’s Archie Bunker’s anti-Polish sound bite slurs in their personal lives showing that the POWER of Norman Lear’s HATEFUL NATIONAL television HATE CAMPAIGN against Polish people was a reality.

Some Polish American subscribers of the Post Eagle reported in the 1970’s that their houses and property were vandalized and attacked while getting threatening phone calls of “How did you like your windows smashed YOU “DUMB POLACK MEATHEADS”!! Evidently these vicious anti-Polish HATE CRIMES were prompted by American’s who were brain washed with all of the ugly vicious anti-Polish slurs that they saw this vile anti-Polish Bigot Norman Lear’s character Archie Bunker IMPLANT into their minds.

 For the record….Norman Lear has been proven to be a true anti-Polish Bigot when he INCORPORATED anti-Polish slurs into his other shows like “Sanford and Son” with anti-Polish sound bites of Sanford’s slurs against Poland as being a “backward nation”.





Norman Lear's 1970's TV Show "All In the Family" was claimed by Norman Lear (and his Hollywood supporters) to be a TV show that was "against ethnic bigotry" but in fact.....with its big ratings in the 1970's (since there were few TV-Networks at the time to choose to watch) it INSTEAD CREATED and PUSHED ethnic bigotry against ethnic groups its main bigoted character "Archie Bunker" attacked.....which was MOST OF THE TIME.......POLISH people.
Anti-Polish CBS-TV's "Polish Jokes" from "All In the Family" TV show FUELED anti-Polish Bigotry across America in the 1970's. These "Polish Jokes" originated from Nazi German propaganda.

From Hitler’s Speech of Sept. 19, 1939 in Danzig (Gdansk Poland)


At this moment we want to give the Polish soldier absolute justice. At many points the Pole fought bravely. His lower leadership made desperate efforts, his middle-grade leadership was too unintelligent, his highest leadership was bad, judged by any standard. His organization was - POLISH..... (Nazi German audience then roars in laughter being brainwashed with German media subhuman intelligence jokes about Poles)


From Hitler’s Speech of Oct 6, 1939 in Berlin Germany - Reichstag


Towns as well as villages are in a state of neglect. The roads, with very few exceptions, are badly out of repair and in a terrible condition. Anyone who travels in that country for two or three weeks will get the proper idea of the classical GERMAN TERM 'Polnische Wirtschaft,' meaning a 'POLISH state of affairs!'




Note: What Hitler conveniently does not discuss in his speeches is how his Nazi Germany initially only had FORTY DAYS of food, fuel and war materials to launch a World War. So Hitler struck a deal with Russia for Russia to give Germany huge supplies. Soviet Russia (140 million people) provided Nazi Germany bases to launch attacks on Poland, radio station guidance of where the Germans should best attack Poland at, millions of tons of fuel, food, war aid to be used in Germany’s invasion of Poland as per their Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement between Germany and Soviet Russia.

Of course Hitler didn’t talk about the TREMENDOUS HELP he got from Russia, or how Polish troops held the Germans back well UNTIL Nazi Germany’s ally Russia attacked Poland from the Eastern side. Hitler also never disclosed how Germany (historically) could not successfully invade Poland and hold onto its invasion gains despite having a much bigger population than Poland, WITHOUT having the help of Russia (the same goes for Russia.....Russia always FAILED to invade Poland WITHOUT the help of Germany despite having a much larger population than Poland) Germany had a 1939 population of 80 million people while Poland's population was only 31 million. Germany and Russia despite having much larger populations then Poland, were always RELUCTANT to invade Poland without the help of each other. Russia for example, invaded Poland in 1919-1920....but it FAILED because it did not have Germany's help.

What Hitler also conveniently did not say in his speeches about Poland is that much of the problems Poland had in the early part of the 20th century was because of Poland being destroyed and eradicated off the map from 1795-1917 by Germany & Russia.
When Poland came back on the map in 1917, Poland was basically healing its wounds and catching its breath in the early part of the 20th Century from the damage of the large psycopathic predator nations that just destroyed it.
Source: Hitler's speech of Sept 19, in Danzig/Gdansk occupied Poland

Source: Hitler's speech of Oct. 6, 1939 in Berlin Germany - Reichstag
CBS TV's Anti-Polish Hate Jokes of 1970's
Although CBS-TV's Anti-Polish Bigotry generally declined after its vicious Anti-Polish show "All in the Family" still popped up time to time in its other White trash shows like "2 and a Half Men" with Charlie Sheen

The Polish American Congress Anti-Bigotry committee said the producers of "Two and a Half Men" sounded just as Bigoted and racist as the Nazi Germans
Also see the CBS-TV Leftist Nazi Anti-Polish show "2 Broke Girls" that bashes Polish people
Its absolutely disgusting how an "American" TV network like CBS-TV, which claims to be "Anti-Nazi German", could portray Polish people with the Nazi German stereotype of Polish people having "inferior intelligence" when Poland has always been a good ally of America.