Hate’s terrible toll

Valery Charvanaus came to New York seeking a better life. What he found was a brutal death at the hands of bat-wielding, hate-filled lowlifes infesting Bushwick.

Charnavaus and four Russian co-workers at a construction site had the misfortune to stroll into the “wrong” neighborhood. This did not sit well with some thugs on a drug corneer. They were offended by the presences of “Polacks” in what they considered Hispanic territory. Ethnic slurs were not enough. Out came the bat and knives. When the violence was over, Charnavaus lay dead with a bashed-in skull.

So once again, bigotry rears its ugly head in this, the most diverse of cities, New Yorkers who thought such bestial conduct as a thing of the past now realize that it was festering in some small minds. Perhaps there will always be ignorant people, of every race and nationality, who refuse to tolerate any “outsider”. That’s all the more reason to punish bias crimes to the full extent of the law.

Charnavaus’ family in an act of great compassion, donated his organs for transplant. Already, his heart is beating in another man’s body . Their character and love of humanity is evident and beautiful.
What a tragedy that ugliness has so scarred their lives.

Source: New York Daily News Editorial Page - January 23, 2004
Man Faces Murder Charge In Bushwick Gang Attack
by John Doyle (crime@brooklyneagle.net), published online 01-22-2004

BUSHWICK - A Russian immigrant laborer, beaten with a bat on a Bushwick street last week, died on Monday, and charges against one of his attackers have been upgraded to murder.

Enrique Maldonado, 22, of Queens, was arrested on January 17 in connection with the gang attack on five Russian laborers outside a bodega on Kickerbocker Avenue near Troutman Street on January 13. The gang was exiting the bodega after working on a nearby construction site, at 12:15 a.m. when a gang of Hispanic men hurled anti-Polish insults at them.

The five laborers, who were Russian and not Polish, traded insults with the gang, and the Hispanic group attacked.

Armed with a bat, Maldanado allegedly struck Valery Charnavaus, 42, twice in the head, cracking his skull.

Four of the beaten laborers were hospitalized with various injuries, including Charnavaus, who remained in critical condition at Elmhurst Hospital with severe head trauma until his death Monday. Seven men have been arrested and charged, including Wilfredo Ramos, 32 of Ridgewood, Queens. Ramos was arrested hours after the attack and charged with assault and weapons possession. Hirim Valentin, 20, Michael Alvarez, 20, Luis Torres, 26, and Angel Sanabria, 20, all of Brooklyn, face charges of attempted murder along with Ramon Ortiz, 21 of Queens, said police.

Charges against Maldanado were upgraded yesterday from attempted murder to second-degree murder, said a spokesperson for the Kings County District Attorney?s Office.

 Brooklyn Daily Eagle 2004

"Polish Jokes" ethnic slurs lead to MURDER of New York man in 2004 who was thought to be a "Polack"
So much for the anti-Polish Bigots in a certain element of the American media in the past decades saying that "nothing is meant" by "Polish jokes" which everyone knows are anti-Polish hate jokes. The "Polish jokes" that Hollywood and NBC-TV imported into America in the 1960's...... from of all places.... was NAZI GERMANY. The Nazi Germans LOVED to tell their Subhuman intelligence jokes about Polish people in the killing pits of Poland to Polish victims before they shot them, or before they tortured and murdered them in the Nazi German Death Camps. Yes Nazi German jokes/LIES about how the "Polish Calvary attacked German tanks" was popular among Nazi Germans before they murdered Poles.

The "Polish jokes" origin was the Nazi German killing pits across Poland and the Nazi German death camps where Nazi Germans would make their hate joke about their Polish victims and then kill him. Even the Nazi German pilots flying over Warsaw targeting Polish WOMEN with kids in their STROLLERS....were calling them "Dumb Polacks" as they were shooting them in cold blood. The word "Polack" with a "C" comes from the German word "Polacken".

But here now we have a situation where somebody thought to be Polish was told ethnic slur "Polish jokes" before he was actually murdered in the UNITED STATES and not the Nazi German Death Camps or Nazi killing fields across Poland. The other "Polack" immigrants with the victim were almost murdered as well and ended up in the hospital. So as Polish Americans speaking out against the Hollywood/TV media hatched Nazi subhuman intelligence jokes about Polish people have always said.....the people most fascinated and in love with these anti-Polish joke slurs are the low-lifes and scum of American society, as this situation proves. Many of these anti-Polish low-lives unfortunately were found in Hollywood and NBC-TV...... or as of lately... NPR Radio which Polish Americans are saying has recently pushed from time to time these Nazi subhuman intelligence jokes against Polish people (more on that later).

The interesting thing about these immigrants who were subjected to these "Polish joke" insults where one of them was murdered, was that they were not Polish, they were Russian. This goes to prove that the whole "Polish joke" or "Polack joke" propaganda introduced into the US by Hollywood/NBC-TV networks was meant not just for Polish people (largest Slavic American group)....but for ALL Slavic people including the Russians. Afterall many Americans think Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Slovaks, etc look the same and sound the same. To this gang that wanted to kill these Russians...they probably thought...Russian...Polish....what's the difference??

George Ruzinski (PAR)