After bashing the Polish Pope on SNL (ripping up the pope's picture in 1992), and having the "Conan O'Brien show" attack the Polish pope and Polish people, NBC uses its 1996 "John Loroquette show" to attack Polish people. No wonder some Polish Americans joke about NBC-TV being "Nazi Broadcasting Television".
The Polish American Guardian Society has reported on NBC-TV's Bashing of the Polish Pope and Polish people in general.

Its no accident that NBC's Conan O'Brien show mocked the Polish pope all the time in the mid 1990's just like it was no accident that the picture of the Polish pope was ripped up on NBC's SNL show on Oct. 3, 1992. The NBC Poland-Haters just LOVED ATTACKING ALL THINGS POLISH even if it was the Polish pope, who as far as I know never did anything to the NBC-TV Anti-Polish Bigots. The Polish American Guardian Society's Lawsuit against NBC-TV's decades of Anti-Polish Defamation was barely defeated by NBC-TV. The judge FOUR TIMES rejected NBC's dismissal of the lawsuit showing that the lawsuit had merit. ONLY AFTER NBC-TV poured HUGE MONEY to defend itself on a TECHNICALITY was it dismissed.
NBC-TV ANTI-POLISH BIGOTS use ANTI-POLISH DIALOG of "Stupid Polack" in its NATIONAL anti-Polish show the "John Laroquette show" on a REPEATED BASIS to BASH the IMAGE of Polish people in front of the American Public. WHY DON'[T these VICIOUS NBC-TV POLAND-HATERS use this kind of DEGRADING DIALOG AGAINST ethnic and racial groups like Blacks and Jews???????. Could it be that the WHITE LEFT WING SUPREMACISTS at NBC-TV feel that groups that they favor like Blacks and Jews are "MORE EQUAL" then a WHITE CHRISTIAN ETHNIC group like Polish people? What HAPPENED to the NOTION that ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE EQUAL?? Evidently NBC-TV feels that certain ethnic and racial groups are "SUPERIOR" to Polish/Catholic/White/Christians and they deseve to be put on a pedestal.....WHILE NBC-TV BASHES THE HELL OUT OF people who they think are an "inferior race" like Polish people!! THAT'S THE SAME THINKING ADOLF HITLER HAD ABOUT POLISH PEOPLE!!! NO WONDER some Polish Americans joke about NBC-TV being the "NAZI BROADCASTING NETWORK" against Polish people!!!
The Polish American Guardian Society reports on NBC-TV's SICK HATEFUL ANTI-POLISH DIALOG in NBC-TV's STUPID ANTI-POLISH show the "John Laroquette show". These NBC-TV anti-Polish BIgot producers of the John Laroquette show not only call Polish people "stupid" (Like Hitler did) but they use the offensive anti-Polish slur "Polack". The dialog on the John Laroquette show includes "SHUT UP YOU STUPID POLACK" to the American audience. WHY don't these NBC Poland-Haters use the word "Nigg*r or K*ke in their TV shows about Blacks and Jews respectively??? WHY is NBC-TV SO HATEFUL against Polish people WHILE DEMANDING that we Americans have SYMPATHY AND COMPASSION for their favorite ethnic groups like Blacks and Jews??????? WHY doesn't NBC-TV make shows where the characters say "SHUT UP YOU STUPID KIKE" or "SHUT UP YOU STUPID N*GGER"???? WHY does NBC have DOUBLE STANDARDS in the PORTRAYAL of ethnic groups??????
(PAR) Greg Sosnowski:
See Youtube video: "Polish Jokes Origin is Nazi German Propaganda Part 2B".