Page 14 - Review of news and recent events in America
By (PAR) Gary Zundevicz:
Riots across America. So let me get this straight.....the supporters of Trayvon Martin don't feel he was treated fairly because they feel he was profiled/percieved to be a "violent criminal"...so his supporters protest this notion, by MASS CRIMINAL VIOLENCE??? Huh???
Blacks beat up Hispanics and scream... “THIS IS FOR TRAYVON!”
But despite today's racial tensions because of this verdict.......we must never forget that there is bad and good in all groups of people. Here....Martin Luther King’s niece Alveda King speaks out against those Blacks unneccesarily stirring up racial tensions.....and says some Black groups like the NAACP are “Race Baiting” against Zimmerman. Alveda King is definitely one of the more level headed and fair minded African American leaders out there. She is trying to calm down racial tensions in the US. She likes to refer to all races as just the Human Race.
"White Privilege" of 2011. FBI statistics show that Blacks killed far more whites than Whites killed Blacks. 448 Blacks killed Whites vs 193 Whites killed Blacks. And lets not forget there are 5 times as many Whites than Blacks in the US. http://rare.us/story/white-on-black-murder-who-really-is-killing-whom/
Michael Savage reports on the sayings of the great African American Booker T Washington: "Making a living of their troubles"


“Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” - Booker T. Washington
Larry Elder to Piers Morgan: 'If Rachel Jeantel's One Smart Cookie, Why Don't You Hire Her as a Co-Host?'

Media hides Black on Hispanic attacks amid Trayvon Protests
Media ignores murder of White baby. Exclusive: African American Ben Kinchlow blasts national press for ignoring black-on-white crime
Video: "President Obama & the Race Issue" - by Bill O'Reilly

[PAR Note: O'Reilly is correct that Hollywood's glorification of the gangster criminal culture is poison for young African Americans. This is hardly the first time Hollywood has pumped out garbage that has negatively influenced people's minds]
Weiner's "macho" pictures
Weiner's imfamous pictures
Flash VIDEO: 'Flash mob' robbery at DC convenience store [Despite the Liberal media saying all whites have "White Privilege", the white people in this store would most likely disgree and say their white heritage if anything was a LIABILITY, while this flash robbery occurred.

Mother of slain Benghazi victim: 'My son is dead. How could that be phony?'
Mob of Black teens beat up White man in middle of Little Italy [Question to Liberal media: Did this white victim have "White Priviledge" that you say all White Americans have? I don't know, I don't see his White heritage as being a "Priviledge" here.]
Three black 15 year old youths, beat up 13 year old white boy on bus [The liberal media says ALL White people have "White Privilege" but this White boy 's race gave him NO Privilege! The victim's race obviously was a LIABILITY for him in this situation
Amazing! - Man collects signatures from Americans to let illegal aliens and criminals out of prison.
Swiss Sales assistant accused by Oprah of being racist fights back and says: "This is not true! This is absurd!
Two Black teens kill Australian white baseball player because they say they were "bored" [The Liberal American media says ALL White people in the US have "White Priviledge" but evidently this white guy's "White Privilege" did not save his life]
One of Black teens accused of murdering White Australian, made racist hateful anti-white tweets
Pat Buchanan says interacial Hate crimes are overwhelmingly Black on White. Says this is symptom of dying American culture where Americans are too afraid to speak out on this
Chris Lane Murder: Is a racist dimension of the crime being discounted?
Who is Bob Woodson?
Murdered by KNOCK OUT "Game"
When racial violence is a "game"
Crown Heights Councilwoman blames Knock Out attacks on tensions between Blacks and Jews
Good for Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons for speaking out against this stupid Knock Out "game" which primarily targets Whites and Jews.
Adds against Foolish Democrats who initially promoted Obamacare
Teen playing “Knock Out Game” gets shot twice by victim. ADVISE SHOW TV says thug Knock out perpetrator deserves what he gets.
American Studies Association professors' Israel-Boycott BACKLASH
Bob Grant Father of conservative talk radio is dead. [PAR note: Bob Grant who is of Italian ancestry agreed with his Polish American callers that there was prejudice in the media against Catholic groups like Italians and Poles. He was a good man.
Bob Grant got angry at Jeremiah Wright for his anti-Italian remarks and was fustrated the rest of the media BARELY came out and denounced these anti-Italian slurs.....[Polish Americans who called him said the rest of the media barely condemned these anti-Italian slurs because there is a bias against Catholic groups like Italians and Poles in the mainstream media. Bob Grant agreed.]
Knock Out Thug attacks 5 Jewish women...But NO hate crime charges
A heart warming video - The Derrick Coleman story
Hearing impaired 9 year old girl & twin sister, get touching letter from Derrick Coleman
Derrick Coleman responds to Seahawks' fan letter
Coleman used other peoples' doubts about him....to motivate him
Deaf Seattle Seahawks star inspires 9 year old girl
A Beautiful Heart warming moment - 9 year old handicapped twin girls get a big surprise
Just by looking at UFC fighter Ronda Rousey it appears to me she could have some Slavic heritage.
Sure enough.....we found out Ronda Rousey is 1/4 Polish. Her father was 1/2 English 1/2 Polish
Kosciuszko Foundation President Alex Storozynski roots for Ukraine despite past tensions with Ukrainians.
In Obama's TOUGHEST interview, he's asked: "Since Dennis Rodman was your ambassador to North Korea, Is Hulk Hogan your ambassador to Syria?"...How does it feel to be the last Black President? "Will your presidential library be in Kenya? Where is your birth certificate? Who did you root for in the Olympics? He's also told he's a nerd and sounds like a Drone on Obamacare (Ouch!!!)
Poland's schools and education success - shows that those fringe Americans who still make "jokes" about Polish people being "dumb and ignorant"... ...only make themselves look dumb and ignorant
JAY Z gets his bling (jewelry) from group that says "Whites are the Devils"
LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling makes comments that some say is racist
Bridgeport Connecticut area Poles honor Polish Pope
Donald Sterling's "Greatest Hits" Anti-Black remarks:

 "I wanna know why you think you can coach these Nigg*rs."

When asked about the smell in one of his buildings he said:

"That's because of all of the blacks in this building, they smell and are not clean"
Donald Sterling tells girlfriend "Don't Bring Black people to my games" and "Black tenants smell and attract vermin"
This Anti-Semitic Police officer reminds us of the prejudiced people who vandalized a subway station as "Avenue Jew"
Former New York Police Officer questioned about Swastikas and Anti-Semitic graffiti
VICIOUS SAVAGE SICKO KICKS cat that was only trying to be friendly. This SICKO's friends watching this brutality then LAUGH!
Donald Sterling apologizes for his racist comments, says he "respects" Magic Johnson.....but then starts to mock Magic Johnson saying: "What has he done?.... "BIG MAGIC JOHNSON". "What has he ever done?" "What kind of role model is this guy?
     "What kind of guy goes to every city and sleeps with every girl and catches HIV.....is this someone we should respect and tell our kids about??? Sterling also compares Jews and Blacks
Donald Sterling asks "What am I Frankenstein?"."What would we do if a basketball player said.... I don't want to work for that Jew?" "I wouldn't do anything"
Rabbi, Scout Leader, Cop among 71 arrested in Child Porn Bust
Chuck Hagel talks about New World Order and the enduring relationship of the US and Poland [PAR Note: As of today May 24, 2014 - this story has been on the popular Drudereport.com website for the past few days. We appreciate Matt Drudge for providing this interesting information link about the US and Poland to the public]
Rapper says Senator Reid is racist
A TIDAL WAVE INVASION of illegal immigrants coming into the US are bringing their problems with them
Anti-Polish Leftist White Liberal Supremacist New York Times forgets its role in advocating Bush's attack on Iraq [PAR Note: this is the same insane newspaper that has referred to Nazi German death camps as "Polish Death camps" to slander Poland
Rob Gronkowski shaves head to show support of Children with Cancer
The secret Feud between Obamas and Clintons
Joan Rivers: Obama is Gay and his wife is Transgender
SiriusXM radio fires "Opie & Anthony host Anthony Cumia for racist comments
Media says: Radio host Anthony Cumia unleashes racist Twitter tirade
Radio host Anthony Cumia gets in trouble for saying on Twitter that a Black Woman and the people around her who attacked him are" Animals", "Savages" and "Not people", etc. Anthony Cumia says he was preyed upon because "he was white".
Chicago Blacks angry at Obama for helping illegal immigrants at their expense
Border Patrol says people coming over the border are here to do Horrible things
Over a dozen witness accounts confirm Police officer's view of what happened in Ferguson Missouri.
Glenn Beck's Anti-Polish Bigotry.
Glenn Beck should apologize to Poland
Facebook: Teach Media Anti-Polish Bigot Glenn Beck some history
American Jewish newspaper article -
Defending Poles
American General says....if not for the efforts of Polish General Kosciuszko...there would be no West Point
2013-2014 Superbowl news
Rob Gronkowski visits Patriot's fan battling cancer
Rob Gronkowski surprises young cancer patient
Some African Americans say... that when it comes to Al Sharpton getting involved in racial conflicts..."Its All About the Money"
Dr. Ben Carson says Democrats take advantage of Blacks and keep them dependent on Government services
Jon Stewart uses crude joke to mock Israeli leader’s speech to congress
Rob Gronkowski helps Buffalo NY children with cancer
Brad Keselowski surprise NASCAR Fontana Win
Brad Keselowski holds back Kevin Harvick & wins Fontana
Jews are fearful of Obama deal with Iran: Cracks Appear in Democratic-Jewish Alliance Over Iran Deal, Netanyahu Nuclear pact and White House spat with Israeli prime minister unnerve many Jewish leaders
Rob Gronkowski and Polish American Joanna Krupa in new movie
Duke's coach Mike Kryzyzewski wins fifth title and is considered to be one of greatest coaches
Rob Gronkowski visits 7 year old victim of shooting
Poland's Light Heavyweight Fonfara beats former champ Nathan Cleverly in Chicago
Donald Trump on Paris attacks and cowardly clown like Democrats
The charity and generosity of Rob Gronkowski is not often told
She will be loved! "The Voice" singer contestant Korin Bukowski voted through last minute on twitter after singing Maroon 5 hit
Singer Korin Bukowski Season 9
Korin Bukowski - All I want
12-1-15 Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski discusses 911 reports, Black Pastors support, Iowa Ground game, etc.
Rob Gronkowski dedicates game touchdown to late friend
Polish NBA player Marcin Gortat sets record
Crazy Glenn Beck investigated for saying about Donald Trump... if he was one of his rivals on stage... "If I was close enough and I had a knife. Really. I mean the stabbing just wouldn’t stop"
Beck and his producers claimed these comments were not about Trump (Yeah Right!) . Beck, who once seemed like an intelligent man, has also made insane comments about giving illegal immigrants breaking into the US...water and aid (to help them invade America) and how basically there is some "good aspects" about the death of Justice Scalea. Beck has also bashed Polish people.
Commercial on Mazovia Poland
Media Lies/Untruths debunked about Donald Trump
May 2016 - ANTI-POLISH BIGOT BILL CLINTON ATTACKS Poland and Hungary.........

prompting Polish Americans, Hungarian Americans and fair minded Americans leaning strongly towards voting for Donald Trump.
Black female Trump Executive gives heart warming support for Mr. Trump and his family
African American man supports Mr. Trump
African American sisters support Mr. Trump and say BUILD THAT WALL!
Donald Trump criticizes Bill Kristol for starting wars and killing people
Polish American Congress threatens to undermine Clinton Campaign
Hungarian and Polish Americans respond to Bill Clinton's Anti-Hungarian Anti-Polish Bigotry
Enraged Polish Americans protest Anti-Polish Bigots Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton's Anti-Polish Bigotry is insulting to ALL Polish people around the world
Polish Prime Minister wants Bill Clinton to apologize to Polish people
Dick Morris: Bill Clinton is WRONG in attacking Poland and Hungary
9-28-16 DONALD TRUMP got a warm welcome at the Chicago Polish American Congress, which is an umbrella group of hundreds of Polish American groups nation wide. It appears Mr. Trump is going to get a majority of Polish American votes, since Polish Americans can't stand the Clintons and largely agree with Mr. Trump on the issues....especially on stopping illegal immigration.
     Back in May, Bill Clinton ATTACKED Poland...just because Poland REFUSED to take in dangerous Muslim migrants! Mr. Trump called Bill Clinton's attack on Poland as being HORRIBLE. Trump is right!!
Awesome: Trump Brings Mini Me on Stage at Pennsylvania Rally
Anti-Trump CNN tells voter audience what to say
LOL Must see! Alex Jones “Denounces Trump for being Pro-America”…..joke. Jones uses satire to point out the “genius” of delusional liberals and media brainwashed people who want to vote against Mr. Trump
Hillary GLOATS how media is on her side
WTH? “Conservative” Glenn Beck supports Hillary Clinton
10000 voters at PA Trump rally chant “CNN SUCKS”
Disgusting Hateful New York (Slimes) Times ILLEGALLY obtained Trump’s tax records
Disgusting HATEFUL Anti-Trump Mainstream media COLLABORATES with Clinton Campaign to attack Mr. Trump
Despite the VICIOUS HATEFUL LYING CROOKED Anti-Trump "American" Mainstream media attacks on Mr. Trump and their collaboration with Crooked Hillary Clinton - The media LOST and Mr. Trump WON! The media laughed at Mr. Trump, but it was Mr. Trump who got the last laugh!
Alex Jones explains media attacks on Trump and the LIES and DISINFORMATION of the New York Times and other big media
NBC poll that says Hillary is winning by 11% is NONSENSE
Limbaugh: Michelle Obama is a HYPOCRITE for attacking Trump
MSNBC-TV is where News, Common Sense and Traditional American Values go to DIE
Trump MOCKS Hillary and her crooked media!
A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for WAR with Russia
IS the system rigged? You BETCHA!
Wikileaks: Disgusting Corporate media as out of touch as politicians
Clinton Democrats INCITE VIOLENCE at Trump rallies - and Media secretly supports them!
Nov 2016 - VOTE for Trump to Make America Great Again and to get REVENGE on disgusting Anti-Trump Anti-Polish media!

The Pre-Election reports below show just how hard the Democrats and their corrupt media were trying to destroy Mr. Trump's chances of becoming President and how Mr. Trump and his supporters fought back:
MSNBC-TV deranged Lunatic gives The craziest, most ASININE, 2016 election prediction EVER! – Proving MSNBC/NBC-TV is FAKE NEWS!

The stupid Leftist media laughed at Trump and said he had no chance to win - until he WON
Funniest Trump insults
Trump get's the last laugh
Dear Trump-Haters, are you still laughing at Mr. Trump?
Lewandowski: Trump did more in 4 weeks than Obama did in 8 years
Styxhexxenhammer: The Corporate mass media is FAKE NEWS. It does not give you news, just their OPINION. The corporate media is DUMB - They can't even predict an election