Polish Military, Police and Special Forces are considered to be some of the best institutions in the world. Its NO coincidence that historically huge European nations, like Germany and Russia, with much larger populations/military human resources than Poland, ALWAYS NEEDED the help of each other to successfully invade Poland. This is because these large European nations knew Polish people were zealous fighters.
By (PAR) Mike Kurgon
GROM Polish Forces is considered to be one of the best special forces in the World. They were very helpful in securing the Iraqi ports prior to American forces going into Iraq. GROM was formed with the assistance of American and British Special forces. Few forces train and work as hard as GROM
Polish Special Forces
GROM - Destiny
BOA Polish Special Police - part 1 of 3 [BOA was trained by Polish GROM]
BOA part 2 of 3
BOA part 3 of 3
Origin of GROM Polish Special forces
Since Polish people are fighters and quick to sympathize with others who are underdogs because of Poland being the victim of predator nations, its no coincidence that Poland gave America NOT just one great general, but TWO! Polish General Casimir Pulaski was a true American Revolutionary war hero and good friend of the founding fathers like George Washington. In addition, Polish general Tadeusz Kosciuszko was the one who engineered, designed and built West Point to defeat the British. West Point was the largest American fort in the American Revolutionary War and then after the war, transcended into America's greatest Military educational institution that has created many of our great American Warriors.

As reported from the Polish American Journal:

West Point was Kosciuszko’s greatest engineering achievement. The fortress itself was a polygonal citadel atop a rock face 60 meters above the river. Four additional forts were situated around it, three on nearby hills and the fourth on the river bank itself featuring a 60-ton chain with two-foot-long links meant as a barrier against British ships. Seven redoubts took shape between the forts, and the complex design held 2,500 soldiers. The entire project took two and a half years to complete. Kosciuszko considered it a triumph greater than his victory at Saratoga; he did it with a work force of eighty-two laborers, three masons, and one stone cutter.
In 1778, West Point served briefly as headquarters for General Washington. For years West Point remained the largest fort in America.........

After the Battle of Saratoga, Washington wrote a letter to Congress, in which he referred to Kosciuszko as “a gentleman of science and merit” who very much deserved to be remembered. General Nathanial Greene called his chief engineer “one of the most helpful and congenial companions,” stressing his “perseverance, determination, indefatigable efforts” as well as his “incomparable modesty,” “From one man we can have but one life,” President Thomas Jefferson wrote about Kosciuszko, “and you gave us the most valuable and active part of yours, and we are now enjoying and improving its effects. Every sound American, sincere votary of freedom loves and honors you ...”
Jefferson is also credited as saying of Kosciuszko “He was as pure a son of liberty as I have ever known.

GROM - Thunderbolt 2
GROM - Thunderbolt 1
GROM works with SEALS and other Special Forces
Shadowspear reports on GROM
GROM is among Top Ten Special Forces in the World
The Top American WWII Fighter Pilot and Ace was Polish American Lt. Colonel Francis S. Gabreski, who had 28 kills against Nazi Germans.
Video - This is a 1960's Polish Military march of Poland that gave Moscow anxiety, because of the substantial military challenge Poland could potentially present powerful Soviet Russia, as seen by Moscow authorities who controlled Poland.

 When Moscow/Russian authorities saw this Polish Military march.......they were shocked out at how huge and powerful and UNITED the Polish Military forces were. Some say....the Russian authorities back in Moscow thanked God...(even though they were atheists) that the Polish never chose to use this huge Polish Military force displayed in this parade... against Russia despite the damage Russia did to Poland....like siding with Nazi Germany in 1939, as per Russia's 1939 friendship Molotov-Ribbentrop pact with Nazi Germany, to co-destroy Poland.

 Some say, this huge display of Polish Military Might was disturbing to Moscow.....and is part of the reason why Russia treated Poland more kindly than any of the other nations that Moscow controlled. Also, some say......deep down.....Russia was always afraid of this Polish fighting spirit that could be used against Russia if Russia was too hard on Poland.

Poland's military tradition was why Russia FAILED to invade Poland in 1920....and why when Russia planned on starting WWII in invading Poland with its good friend at the time Nazi Germany....specifically on September 1, 1939...Russia HESITATED for over 2 weeks...since Russia was still MINDFUL of the beating Russia took from the Polish military in 1920.
Obrum Polish tank is one of the most advanced tanks in the world
American General says....if not for the efforts of Polish General Kosciuszko...there would be no West Point