Manager of Seven Eleven enjoys his “White Privilege” by being beaten up by a mob of black youths



Page 17 - Review of INTERNATIONAL news and recent events
Russian actor wants to burn all Gays in a Furnace
New York Post: Flirty Obama Owes an Apology - PAR Note: Wow it looks like Obama got a little unpresidential flirting with the attractive Danish Prime Minister LOL But thank goodness for classy Michelle Obama for stepping in and stopping her husband from looking like a total goofball fool. Good for Michelle Obama. She clearly saw how her husband's behavior was making America look bad.
Nelson Mandela, anti-Apartheid icon and father of Modern South Africa dies. PAR note: Nelson Mandela deserves credit for in his later years trying to bring together Blacks and Whites despite being angry with Whites in his earlier years. But the prior SA (South African) White government deserves credit for going on a limb and handing over power to Mandela who could have easily used his power to persecute whites. The fact that SA Whites for whatever reason decided to hand over power to a Black man who was their a story in courage. Historically its is VERY RARE that any government hands over power to its opposition. This is a story in itself, which sadly this CNN article does not acknowledge.
Is this fair? US calls Netanyahu "desperate and weak"
CNN: Three Great Women. PAR Note: yes we would agree these 3 women are Great Women. Especially Polish Scientist Marie Curie. How she was smart enough to discover and understand an invisible entity like radiation is incredible. And this was many years ago.
Putin defends Obama and his NSA activities because he thinks Obama can get away with it. LOL Interesting comment
By (PAR) Jim Nurisza & Gary Zundevicz
American Studies Association Boycotts Israeli Institutions.
Its condemned as being Repugnant
9 in 10 babies born in parts of Britain have foreign born parent. Poles are 2nd largest minority group in Britain
Russian prosecutors may have right to block extremist websites without warrant
PAR Note: But this begs the question......who is to decide what constitutes an "extremist" website?
A Black Comedian in France named Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, may be banned for telling Nazi anti-Jewish jokes (not the kind of MILD Jewish jokes American TV comedians say). He is accused of insulting the memory of Jewish Holocaust victims. Very clearly, Mr Dieudonne is developing a nearly professional anti-Semitism under the cover of telling jokes." say Jewish critics [ PAR Note: TV Media Polish-Haters have done similar things here in the US with "Polish jokes" against Poles, like NBC-TV's Seth Meyers and ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel and their predecessors]

 PAR Note: So why have Leftist American TV comedians pushed WWII/Holocaust Nazi era jokes against Polish people for decades in America that they RENAMED as "Polish jokes"? If this Comedian gets banned for his Nazi jokes about Jews then so should Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel for their Nazi subhuman intelligence jokes about Polish people. There should also be an investigation into NBC-TV's long history of bashing Poles with Nazi hate jokes going back to the 1960's.
Russian police officer sacrifices his life to shield others from suicide terrorist blast
Suicide Bomber Strikes Russia. "Black Widow" terrorist suspected
At least 17 are killed. Suspect maybe a male bomber and not "Black Widow" Russian police report. Police say attack was meant for massive harm. Video of rail station bombing (0:24) and October bus bombing in same region (4:10). October bombing is still raw in minds of Russians.
Pre- Sept 30 2013 USA news:
An Israeli Soldier says to American Jews: Wake up! Israeli soldier finds Anti-Semitism and hatred of AMERICA....among LIBERALS of all people!
"Russia grows strong while Europe and the USA Weaken" - says Russian Writer Vestnik Kavkaza
Africans continue to protest in Israel
Russian President Putin links Gays to Pedophiles
With Mideast boiling - Israel takes up Castle Strategy
Russian Pole Vaulter Isinbayeva speaks her mind on gays in Moscow
Boxing champ Vitali Klitschko, Ukraine's freedom fighter stands as inspirational Giant
Vancouver contractor appalled at conditions at Sochi
How Russia is fighting to regain control of Ukraine
Iran says it has many targets WITHIN America
Ukrainian activist says he was crucified & tortured by abductors with Russian accents
Israel slams Kerry (again) for his threats of boycotts and delegitimization of Israel
Russian Prime Minister Medvedev sleeps during Olympic Opening
Democrat Pelosi says having Olympics in Russia is a very bad choice. Say its like "Going into ancient History"
Skater JR Celski inspired by his Seattle Seahawks
Iranian TV host mocks Obama
Joe Pavelski helps Team USA win over Russia

Polish Ski Jumper takes Gold, sweeps individual events
Russian state TV host accuses Ukraine's president Yanukovich of "betrayal"
Ukraine's interim government issues arrest warrant for Yanukovich
Video - Although he seems a bit too idealistic…..Mike Zeroh keeps it real about innocent people who could die because of Russian invasion
Ukraine asks for NATO's help
Ukraine vows to fight Russian invasion
Video - Crimea Ethnic tensions...Ukrainians vs Russians Face Off
Luxembourg and Norwegian pension funds boycott Israel. Swedish institutions are also considering boycott of Israel
Hundreds of Pro-Russian troops, driving trucks with Russian license plates, surround Ukrainian bases..... preventing Ukrainian soldiers from leaving.
IT BEGINS - Putin says he has right to use force in Ukraine and go into more Ukrainian territory....Video - Warning shots are fired at Ukrainian marines wanting to talk with Russian troops
Snake fights crocodile.....then eats it
Ukrainian soldier asks Russian general....."Am I a terrorist?"
Condoleeza Rice asks - Will America heed the Wake Up Call on Ukraine?
Pressure is On Ukraine - How Russia sets up Provactive attacks in neighoring nations to justify Russian intervention
Video - Violence Erupts at Pro-Russia rally in Ukraine's Eastern City Donetsk
Washington Post says - Obama's Foreign Policy based on Fanstasy
Zbigniew Brzezinski says - After Russian invasion of Ukraine, the West must be ready to respond with concrete actions...including reinforcing military of Ukraine and her neighbors.
Washington Post - Spell out the Consequences for Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Why Russia can't afford another Cold War
Kyiv Post - Top 10 Kremlin Myths/Lies to justify Russian invasion of Crimea
Video - Ukrainian Activist shot at Crimea checkpoint
How Moscow's ethnic cleansing of the Crimean population favored mostly Russians
Ukraine Crisis prompts US & its Defense Companies to boost Poland's military
Crimea Russian troops shoot 2 Ukrainian soldiers, killing one and injuring the other. Ukraine now gives orders to soldiers to shoot aggressive Russian soldiers in self-defense.
Russia Laughs at Obama
On Feb 25, 2014.... days before Russia invaded Ukraine...Russian official DENIED that Russia would ever invade Ukraine, saying "Only Idiots believe this"
Canadian Holocaust Survivors are target of Holocaust Scam
Russian ambassadors joke & laugh about Russia conquering Crimea and how they'll tell other world officials "Guys it is not F*cking over.....we will take your territories too LOL"
Poland could become regional military power in light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine
10 best places to visit this summer. Number 2 is Warsaw Poland
Polish Pope still a Rock Star....not just at home
Millions flock to Rome for Canonization of Polish Pope John Paul II & Pope XXIII
Russian Politician Bullies Female Journalists. He yells at them and pushes his men into them
Video - Synagogue is fire bombed in Pro-Russian East Ukraine just days after anti-Semitic flyers were distributed
Polish Pope John Paul II becomes a Saint along with Pope XXIII. A blast from the past: A recap of the first Polish Pope becoming Pope. He was the first Pope to break with tradition and address the people/crowds of Rome.
Polish Pope John Paul II Sainthood stirs Latin Americans
Mayor of second largest Ukrainian city - Gennady Kernes, fights for his life-after assassination attempt blamed on Kremlin (Note: Mr Kernes used to be Pro-Russia but then became Pro-Ukrainian, which apparently angered some people)

Risk and opportunity for Poland in Ukraine Crisis
Why Putin's Russia will turn Anti-Semitic
We here at P.A.R. are not happy with that we don't like what Russia today is doing to its fellow Slavic nation Ukraine. But our critical feelings of Russia are not directed at average Russians....since we feel every person of any ethnic background should be judged on individual Merits.

 Instead, our critical feelings of Russia are directed at the Russian goverment and its media.....which facilitated the invasion of Ukraine and problems in Ukraine. Having said that....difficult as it is......we agree with Russian government officials and Russian media in criticizing the recent choice of the Bearded Lady as the winner of 2014 Eurovision. This is basically Political Correctness gone Crazy. The Russian government & media is right on this
Voting controversy on 2014 Eurovision winner. Many voters, including the British public, felt the Polish performance "Slavic Girls" should have won and not the Bearded Lady
British public voted for POLAND's "Slavic Girls" as REAL Eurovision Winner.
Russian TV anchor claims Jews brought Holocaust on themselves
Lech Walesa says the US (Obama) is no longer acting like a World Leader
North Korean Media Mocks Obama with racist remarks, like.... Obama is a "clown," "dirty fellow" and somebody who "does not even have the basic appearances of a human being and is like a "monkey"
Polish Canadian Congress speaks out against Anti-Polish Bigotry in Art Spiegleman's "MAUS" Comic book which portrays Poles as "Pigs" [PAR Note: In our opinion Art Spiegelman appears to be a sick psychotic deranged Anti-Polish Bigot]
French comedian ridicules Jews with Nazi-like "Jewish jokes" for laughs
 [PAR Note: He reminds us of the White Leftist Supremacist "American" Anti-Polish TV Bigots that would make Nazi derived "Polish jokes" to insult Poles. Also, he bashes Jews like this Poland-Hater Art Spiegleman (below story) bashes Polish people.
Poland's OVERLOOKED contributions to breaking the Nazi German Enigma Code, which helped win WWII
Islamic Protesters in Germany say: "Jews are like Beasts!"
Russian agent takes credit for shooting down Malaysian plane
There are many reports of the Pro-Russian/Ethnic Russian Ukrainians doing strange things at the Malaysian crash site...including looting, walking on and near the plane remains like its no big deal, shooting guns and contaminating the crash evidence. Its been reported that the black boxes were taken away by the Pro-Russians. This is kind of similar to all the strange things that happened at the Polish plane crash in Smolensk Russia, including shots fired and then sounds of laughter. This Russian observer took this video and basically was saying in Russian "Holy Sh-t". Four years after this Polish plane crash. Russia has STILL REFUSED to give back the black boxes or plane remains to Poland
Israel-Palestinian Conflict spills into Anti-Jewish protests in Europe
Russians mock Obama on his birthday LOL
ISIS makes DEATH THREATS to Putin and Russia
Heroes and Bystanders: Polish patriots like Witold Pilecki & Jan Karski try to tell the world about the Holocaust, but the world won't listen
Netanyahu urges Jews to move to Israel after terror in Denmark
Jews claim Danish police failed to protect them from terror attack despite requests for protection
Pro-Ukrainian Jews say Russians and Pro-Russian Jews have no right accusing Ukraine of Fascism.....since Russia chose to start WWII along with the Devil... its Fascist friend at the time, Nazi Germany
Israeli envoy to Germany reads out hate mail he receives daily Are we Jews Guilty of Gross Prejudice towards Poland?
Joanna Jedrzekczyk destroys Carla Esparza and is new UFC Straw weight champ
UFC great Forest Griffin speaks with Joanna Jedrzekczyk in Poland
Joanna Jedrzekczyk video fight Highlights
Poland fury at Holocaust comment by FBI's James Comey
Poland demands apology for FBI chief's comment on Holocaust
FBI Director Got it wrong on the Holocaust – by Anne Applebaum
Poland summons US ambassador over FBI Chief's Holocaust remarks
"With Open Gates" Video - Muslim refugee immigrants BRAGG about taking over Western Europe. See 16.00 where Muslims beat up cowardly Germans (who welcomed Muslims!). This is why Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and other Central East European countries are against Muslim Migrants. The Terrorism in Paris should be a wake up call for ALL OF EUROPE on this "High minded", "Virtuous" multiculturalism notion by insane European White Liberal Supremacist Elitists...who want to flood Europe with Muslims that REJECT European values.
GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP for speaking out on this! See Mr. Trump on this video at 13:36. Many Poles & Polish Americans SUPPORT Mr. Trump in speaking out against irresponsible immigration to Europe and America! GO TRUMP!!!!! America NEEDS the new TRUMP REVOLUTION!!!!
Video - "Moderate" Muslims like Stoning innocent people to death, treating women like garbage, etc.
Paris Muslim Terrorist mocked Europe's open borders
Poland rejects all Muslim refugees after Paris attacks
Even before the Islamic attacks in Paris, Polish people wisely protested the EU and its idiotic policy of pushing more Muslims into Europe
Berlin, Germany - U2 rock band singer Bono kisses Polish Flag, before singing song dedicated to Poland... "New Years Day"
Video - Even years 2010....Poles were wisely protesting against the MUSLIM TIME BOMB / Mosques and Muslims coming in the country. So why were Western European/EU nations so dumb to take in Muslims? What is wrong with them???
Video - Poles rise up against Leftist promoted Islamization of Poland/Europe. Polish priest Father Miedlar rallies huge Polish crowd
In 1683, Polish King Sobieski defeated the Muslim invasion of Europe. In 2015, Poles still want to defeat the Muslim invasion
Poland's UFC Champ Joanna Jedrzekczyk punishes Valerie Letourneau and defends title in Co-Main Event (Nov 14-14)
Polish football fans send clear message to Muslim refugees and Islam.
Polish fans unfurl 50 foot banner defending Christianity against Muslim refugee invasion
Defense of Christianity Polish banner
Poles discuss why they protest Muslim refugees
Poland Rises against Islamic Threat to Europe - The growing Islamic invasion threat to Europe and Poland's rise against this threat (and the Leftist media and EU who promote Islam into Europe). THANK GOD Mr. TRUMP is against this! And God Bless America for voting in Mr. Trump!!
Polish Foreign Minister says Muslim refugees should be trained to take back their homeland
[This is a great idea. Their AGGRESSIVE and VIOLENT nature they have shown in Europe should be used against ISIS and other terrorists they are "running from" in their Homelands]
Poles throughout Poland protest Muslim refugees
Poland marches against Islam Invasion. Hundreds of thousands of Poles march
Afghan migrants set up camp at Paris terror attack memorial... to protest their living conditions
When in the above video, Polish priest Father Miedlar told his huge Polish audience that Polish people will be PERSECUTED, SPIT ON and DEGRADED by the Leftist propaganda media (inside and outside Poland) ....He is RIGHT! When you want to Persecute a group of people, the FIRST thing you do is PERSECUTE, SPIT ON and DEGRADE their IMAGE.

The Leftist "American" TV networks have been PERSECUTING, SPITTING ON and DEGRADING the Image of Polish people for Decades with Nazi Anti-Polish Hate jokes.
Tribute to the Visegrad Four countries: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Often in the West we hear of "Europeans values", "Western values". Those values (welcoming dangerous Muslim migrants) that are touted as "European" and "Western" by Leftist are anything but. The value of self-hate is a value of the far-left imposed on Europe over the last half-century. Those aren't our real European values nor representative of our ancient cultures. It is manipulation and deceit to say they are.
 Insane Liberal Immigration Policy Destroys Germany
A BLAST FROM THE PAST -Polish Military Parade of 1960’s. There is a good reason why historically Poland’s enemies like Russia and Germany ALWAYS NEEDED each others help in invading Poland. Its because of Poland’s strong military tradition which made Soviet Russia treat Poland better than any other nation they ruled and which is why Soviet Russia FAILED to invade Poland in 1920 (when Russia DID NOT HAVE Germany’s help).
ViseGrad 4 Nations - Poland, Hungary, Czech public,Slovakia – Brothers in Arms
Policemen from Visegrad 4 Ally nations - Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic & Hungary - patrol Hungarian border to stop Mulsim Refugee Invasion
Polish Magazine - Islamic Rape of Europe
Pamella Gellar - Polish Magazine Nails It with magazine cover showing European woman being sexually attacked by migrants
Hungary PM: George Soros puppet Bill Clinton wants to overrun EU with Muslims
Polish PM: Poland will never bow to EU ultimatums on immigration
Bill Clinton's attack on Poland & Hungary prompts Polish leader to say Clinton Needs to have his BRAIN EXAMINED
Christian Brits & Poles Unite against Islam
Polish people like Mr. Trump. Survey - IF Poles could have voted in the US elections, most of them would have voted for Mr. Trump
Vladtepesblog: Poland's lack of diversity is Poland's strength which allowed Poles to correctly respond to a recent Muslim attack. Multicultural dominance of West Europeans have made them weak and would prevent them from responding like this.
Tree of Logic: Good for Polish people for smashing 2 Kebab shops for Muslim murder of Pole and good for Polish police for allowing destruction of Kebab shops
Inforwars: Poles smash up Kebab shops after Pole gets murdered by Muslims
Gates of Vienna: Poles are not weak like the Germans and other W. Europeans and they responded correctly to Muslim murder of Pole. It's good Poles destroyed Kebab shop and that Polish police allowed it.
Serbian Analyst of Eastern/Central Europe Srdja Trifkovic says: Central/Eastern European nations like Poland don’t want to be like West European nations and have Muslim migrants and Muslim “No Go Zones”
They are right in feeling this way.