By Frank Milewski - Polish American Congress Anti-Bigotry Committee
WWII AND HOLOCAUST: JUST A BIG JOKE AT DISNEY'S ABC-TV. ABC-TV has its Anti-Polish Bigot Jimmy Kimmel push Nazi propaganda/subhuman intelligence jokes against Poles. He also pushes Hitler's BIG LIE about "Polish Calvary attacking German tanks" and says "Polish people are stupid"

Photo SS Guards took when Gestapo sent Michael Preisler to Auschwitz October, 1941.
As Past President of the Downstate NY Polish American Congress, Preisler helped start the
Anti-Bigotry Committee to fight “untermenschen” jokes thirty years ago.

Brooklyn, N.Y. .. The Anti-Bigotry Committee of the Polish American Congress issued a
protest letter to the Disney-owned ABC-TV network after late-night host Jimmy Kimmel
recently decided to use a series of anti-Polish ethnic jokes and ridiculed the effort of the
Polish cavalry to fight back against Hitler’s invasion of Poland which began World War II.
In the past, Polish Americans frequently expressed their objections when the entertainment
industry made them a favorite target for this type of ethnic putdowns. Kimmel did not
conceal he loved Polish jokes so much that he might consider using them again on his
future shows.
The Polish American Congress formed the Anti-Bigotry Committee thirty years ago at the
time Michael Preisler, a Polish Catholic survivor of Auschwitz, was president of its
Downstate New York Division. He feels it is more appropriate to call such malicious jokes
“untermenschen” jokes, the German word for “subhuman” or “inferior” which the Nazis
used to denigrate their Polish or Jewish prisoners. Now retired, Mr. Preisler holds the
title of Honorary President of the NY Division.
The biggest Nazi joke, in his opinion, was Adolf Hitler’s claim Poland started World
War II and the Germans had to defend themselves against Polish aggression.
The Anti-Bigotry Committee feels its protest letter should find a sympathetic ear at
the Walt Disney Company since it has a Jewish CEO, Robert A. Iger, “whose ethnic
group has often been a target like us.”
This is the protest letter sent to ABC-TV and Disney:
Ms. Anne Sweeney, President
Disney-ABC Television Group
77 West 66th St.
New York, NY 10023
Dear Ms. Sweeney:
                                 Re: Jimmy Kimmel Show 12/04/13
We were led to believe the problem of anti-Polish bigotry on the ABC network had been
permanently resolved when we concluded our conference with Ms. Chris Hikawa held at
your New York office over a decade ago. The Drew Carey show was our agenda then.
Regrettably, Jimmy Kimmel just introduced a series of Polish jokes and expressed his desire
to continue them on future shows. We call this to your attention since we are of the opinion
ABC has not authorized him to set broadcast standards for your organization.

As the new year approaches, please bear in mind the world will be commemorating the 75th
anniversary of World War II which began with Hitler’s invasion of Poland September 1, 1939.
Although the power of Germany’s military machine eventually conquered Poland, the Polish
people were the first to resist the Nazis. Despite their loss, they continued to fight the Nazi
hordes by providing the Allies the largest and most effective underground resistance in all of
German-occupied Europe.
One of the derisive jokes Mr. Kimmel offered to denigrate their anti-Nazi struggle is based on
deliberate German misinformation given news reporters when the first battles of the war were
taking place. The exuberant Nazis embellished the story of their victory by claiming the Polish
cavalry was “so stupid” that its horsemen were ordered to attack the German tanks with nothing
more than just a lance in their hands.
It is a matter of record the story has long ago been discredited as being Nazi misinformation
and typical German propaganda intended to humiliate and demoralize their enemy. Also, to
impress their own German soldiers with a belief their superior German blood makes them
forever invincible against their inferior foes. Polish veterans who survived the war and
joined the Polish American Congress after emigrating to the United States are some of those
authorities who challenge this German propaganda.
Hitler’s racist and xenophobic campaign was most intensively directed against the Jewish
and the Polish people. Every German was to believe he or she was part of the “Master Race”
and Jews and Slavic people like the Poles were “untermenschen,” the German word for
“subhuman” or “inferior.” Mr. Kimmel, himself, described us as “stupid” when he was
ridiculing us on his show. His was as much an “untermenschen” statement as one which
would have come from the mouth of an arrogant Nazi death camp guard who had become
accustomed to regularly calling Poles “swine” and Jews “vermin.”
We offer this historical background because a book published this year, “The Collaboration:
Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler” charges America’s major movie studios of allowing Nazi
propaganda in films they produced in the years leading to World War II. Many spokespersons
for your industry are vehemently trying to deny such charges at this time. Nonetheless, a stigma
remains and overshadows the image of the industry in which Disney-ABC Television is prominent.
It may be in the interest of Disney-ABC Television to seriously consider the implications of
Mr. Kimmel’s revival of ethnic degradation which goes beyond the parameters of acceptable
ethnic humor and enters the sphere of a racial philosophy not much different from what the
Jewish and Polish “untermenschen” had to face when Hitler and his Nazis established their
reign of terror in Poland nearly 75 years ago.
We trust you will be able to assure us Mr. Kimmel understands he represents himself as well
as the Disney name when he appears before your cameras. His personal prejudices should
remain his own and you would do well to prohibit him from discrediting the great respect
the Disney name had accrued in the years that preceded his association with the Disney
                                                                                                   Sincerely yours,

                                                                                                 Frank Milewski


cc: Mr. Robert A. Iger, CEO
       Walt Disney Company
       500 S. Buena Vista St.
       Burbank, CA 91521

See this video: Polish Jokes Origin is Nazi German Propaganda - which references ABC-TV Anti-Polish Nazi Bigot Jimmy Kimmel
PAR Note: We here at Polish American Review would like to request that Polish Americans and their friends, send letters to the above ABC/Disney leaders, President Ms. Anne Sweeney and CEO Mr Robert Iger. Let them know that Jimmy Kimmel is making they and the ABC-TV/ Disney Company look like a bunch of Nazi Anti-Polish Bigots.

In addition its recommended that Polish Americans use social media like Facebook, Twitter etc to speak out against Jimmy Kimmel's Nazi Hatred of Polish people. Go on ABC-TV's social media web sites including Night Line and Kimmel's and speak out. Even go on other news websites and speak out against Jimmy Kimmel's Anti-Polish Nazi Hatred and Bigotry

Thank you

PAR - James Zenkowski