Interesting News websites - Page 22.


Ann Coulter
David Limbaugh
Laura Ingraham (Note: Laura Ingraham's mother was a Polish immigrant and Laura has always talked about how she is proud of her Polish heritage and the hard work her Polish mother did for her. Laura has expressed this on her radio show and in her book "Shut up and Sing")
Bloomberg News
Brent Bozell
Huffington Post
Rita Cosby (Note: Rita's father is from Poland and Rita has talked about how she is proud of her Polish heritage and her father on her radio shows and in her book "Quiet Hero" which was dedicated to her father and the WWII suffering that he quietly kept to himself for many years.
Charles Krauthammer
Fox News
Sean Hannity
Greta Wire
CNN News
Gronk Nation (sports news on the Gronkowski family)
Rush Limbaugh
Although we here at PAR may not agree with everything on these websites......we feel that in general there have been many worthy and informative articles and stories on these websites and from their respective people
Michael Savage
Thomas Sowell
Bill O'Reilly
White Eagle News
Warsaw Business Journal
Polskie News
Polish American Congress News
Post Eagle Newspaper
Polonia Today
Polish American Journal
Polish American/Polish News websites:
Freedom Eden
We like Freedom Eden not only because it has interesting news...but because it has defended Polish people from the Anti-Polish element in the media that has attacked Polish people....like those Anti-Polish Bigot Idiots at NBC-TV like Seth Meyers
Part 2 of Freedom Eden defends Polish people from anti-Polish attacks from that media element of Anti-Polish Idiots at NBC-TV, like that deranged Anti-Polish Bigot Seth Meyers, who has attacked Poles from time to time.
By (PAR) Tara Zurnecki
BEIGANSKI the Blog - This Blog exposes Anti-Polish stereotypes promoted in certain media that is encapsulated in the "BEIGANSKI Brute Polak stereotype"
Larry Elder
Coast to Coast AM
Andrea Tanteros
Matt Drudge (DrudgeReport)
wn.com/Anti-Polish (update)
Michelle Malkin
Polish Heritage Institute provides facts on Poland and defends Poland from media LIES and slander