CUTE CRITTERS! :D


Curious Elephant Seal
Cat playing ping pong
Cats playing ping pong
Dolphin Kisses Dog
Funniest Cats - including cats that box and stand up like humans
Cat and Dolphin playing together
Animals can be jerks and wise guys LOL
Cute, Funny and Smart dogs
Animals can be stupid...and CUTE
Friendly Seal jumps on Kayak
By (PAR) Britney Renkowski
Dogs vs Cats - Dogs and Cats messing around with each other
Cute Seal jumps in Duck Hunters Boat and hugs him
more to come......
Mama Bear saving her cub from traffic
Otters and other critters play keyboard
Critters in the cat family may be cute, but they are also quite ferocious when they need to be:

Cat scares Bear off porch
Ten cute animals
Lion intimidates Large Crocodile
Cat intimidates and scares off 3 Alligators. 2 of the Alligators are much larger than the cat
Cat protects humans from much larger alligator. Alligator runs away and brings another Alligator for reinforcements, but the cat makes them back down again and keeps them at bay.
Tigers are absolutely fearless when attacking Crocodiles, even if the Crocodiles are bigger than them.
When you see this animal swimming just underneath the surface of the water to be with the Crocodile on the Island…..its not another Crocodile…..its a Jaguar…. and he’s doing a sneak attack on the Crocodile. Crocodiles are ambush predators…..but so are Jaguars.
Jaguar makes Crocodile his lunch
Cat scares Bear up tree
Kangaroo pets his dog pal and takes care of him
Kangaroo play fights with his dog friend while Lemur monkey is referee
World's most Awesome Cat saves little boy from Dog Attack
Russian cat saves Russian baby from freezing to death (which begs the question, where are his parents?). Good for the Russian cat
Otter dances to the music
Goats act and sound like humans
Wild Dolphin "Asks" divers for help in removing hook and line from its fin. Divers then help dolphin.
Dolphins look in mirror