Leftist Supremacist Anti-Polish Bigot Bill Clinton viciously attacks American Allies Poland and Hungary

Breitbart.com - Bill Clinton Hits Out at Poland and Hungary for Rejecting Mass Migration


May 2016

By Virginia Hale of Breitbart.com - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has hit out at Poland and Hungary, claiming the countries’ rejection of mass Muslim migration means they reject democracy and want “Putin-like dictatorships”.
Speaking at a New Jersey rally in support of his wife Hillary Clinton’s bid for presidency, Bill Clinton drew parallels between the governments of the two former Eastern bloc countries and the presumed Republican candidate Donald Trump.

“Just give me an authoritarian dictatorship and keep the foreigners out, sound familiar?”

The former president said Poles and Hungarians had decided “democracy is too much trouble” for them and that citizens of the countries “want [Russian President Vladimir] Putin-like leadership.”

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto hit back at the “unacceptable” comments, stating “The decision of the Hungarian people may not appeal to Bill Clinton, but this is insufficient justification for the former U.S. President to insult them in such a way”.

According to Wprost, Frank Spula, the president of the Polish American Congress (an umbrella organisation of Polish Americans, and Polish American groups) said that he is seriously considering urging Poles to withdraw their support for Hillary Clinton as a result of Mr. Clinton’s insults.

Also speaking on immigration and terrorism at the rally Mr. Clinton told the audience that, “America desperately needs its Muslims who love freedom and hate terror and want to be a part of this country”.

Rejecting any link between Muslim immigration and terror attacks he said the latest terror attack on American soil, San Bernardino, happened “because of people who converted over the Internet”.

The statement echoed remarks he made in February, when he told a crowd that the San Bernardino shooters, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, had “never been to the Middle East” and “were converted over social media.” The shooters, who left 14 people dead, had met in Saudi Arabia and Tashfeen Malik had lived in the Gulf state most of her life, having moved there from Pakistan.

Hungary Today notes that Ms. Clinton’s campaign is supported by George Soros, the Hungarian-born billionaire financier and founder of Open Society Foundations, who is an avid supporter of mass migration to Western countries and a long-time critic of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government.
PAR note by Richard Harriszynski - Bill Clinton just confirmed that he is a LEFTIST SUPREMACIST Bigot who hates countries like Poland and Hungary.. that simply want to preserve their European/Christian culture. Bill Clinton has insulted as well millions of Americans who have ancestry from these nations. Despite reports of their being "10 million Polish Americans" in the US.... the real number is much higher if you consider Americans who are only 1/8 or 1/4 Polish. That number would probably be closer to 16 million Polish Americans. Hopefully Mr. Trump will denounce these vicious Anti-Polish and Anti-Hungarian statements of Bill Clinton in the following weeks and months.....especially in voter Battle Ground states which have large amounts of Polish Americans.

These two nations have been very good allies of the US historically....and NO presidential candidate or his or her spouse should be bashing good American allies like these 2 fine nations. Large populations of Polish Americans live in the voter Battle Ground states of Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, NJ, Massachusetts, etc. and I'm sure they will be angry at the Clintons for these insults.

Since Mr. Trump's unique candidacy has already made these states have a higher probability of voting Republican this November....this new dynamic of having angry Polish Americans (and other similar thinking Hungarians, East/Central Europeans) vote for Trump....could prompt wins for Mr. Trump in these key states. Not only that...most Non-Polish/Hungarian/East Central European Americans support Poland and Hungary against Bill Clinton's attacks on these nations...which would be an additional boost for Mr. Trump.

And WHY doesn't Bill Clinton attack all of the Mid East nations that are hostile to letting foreign Muslim migrants into their nations? And forget about Christian migrants...these Middle East nations would NEVER accept them, since they hate Christians.
But I'm sure Bill Clinton loves the West European governments and won't criticize them....since they are all on board with Bill Clinton's disgusting Leftist desire to Multiculturalize these nations with trouble making Anti-Christian Muslim migrants who will undoubtedly destroy the European/Christian cultures of these nations.

Western European nations like Germany, France, Sweden, UK,etc. are foolish for bringing Muslim trouble makers into Europe after all of the chaos they have created.

Thank God there are intelligent European nations, like the Visegrad 4 nations Poland , Hungary, Chech Republic & Slovakia, that REJECT the Leftist promoted Muslim Invasion of Europe. And if Bill Clinton and his wife and their boss George Soros don't like it....they can shove it!

Click on this link to see videos that's I'm sure will ENRAGE Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and their Left wing Supremacist boss George Soros! LOL But the hell with them.

Polish people are against Muslim Invasion of Europe and support Donald Trump and his immigration policies


Good for the Visegrad nations Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic & Slovakia for STANDING UP to the Leftist promoted Anti-Christian Muslim Destruction of Europe and Leftist Bigots like Bill Clinton!
Video: Retarded Bill Clinton attacks Poland and Hungary
Polish European Parliament member says Bill Clinton's attacks on Poland and Hungary are prompted by his Leftist Boss George Soros