VOTE for Donald Trump to make America Great Again! Vote also for Mr. Trump to punish
the disgusting corrupt (Leftist) American media!


Nov. 2016
As an American I strongly recommend to my fellow Americans to vote for Mr. Trump. He is our LAST CHANCE to save America!

We here at Polish American Review for the past year have been reporting on how Mr. Trump has the right policies like on the key policy of immigration. We have always strongly supported Mr. Trump!

One could write pages on how Mr. Trump will seriously help America while Hillary Clinton will seriously HURT America.

But to boil it down, here are the key policies that Mr. Trump is great on while Hillary is horrible on them

1) Immigration: Mr Trump will build a strong wall on the Mexico border and stop criminal illegal immigrants from coming in. Mr. Trump will also curtail illegal and legal immigrants coming in that will take jobs from American workers.

2) Trade: Mr. Trump will improve our current horrible trade deals that are sucking American jobs out of America

3) Supreme Court: Mr. Trump will appoint Pro-American Constitutional judges on the Supreme Court unlike Hillary

4) Corrupt media: Mr. Trump is against a corrupt LYING media which constantly poisons the minds of the American people with Leftist Anti-American propaganda. God knows this awful media has been absolutely DISGUSTING and DISHONEST in bashing American Patriot Mr. Trump. This media has also been hostile towards good American ally nations like Poland and Hungary. We believe Mr. Trump will break up the Corrupt “American” (Leftist) media cartel and make it more accountable in reporting the truth to the American people

5) Stopping Corrupt Government: Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI AGAIN. IF Hillary were to be president....there would be a constitutional crisis, since she and her crime family and friends would most likely be found guilty of a multitude of crimes. This would destroy our government. This is why she should NOT be voted in!

Here are videos, links, info, etc that help explain why Mr. Trump is good for America while Hillary Clinton will be terrible for America:
Prominent Muslim African American Louis Farrakhan respects Mr. Trump
Rap song about LYING Hillary Clinton
Mr. Trump's final message to America
Hood for Mr. Trump
Louis Farrakhan on Hillary Clinton: “That is a WICKED WOMAN”
African American Bishop Aubrey Shines SUPPORTS Mr. Trump
African American Leaders discuss Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton:
Aubrey Shines EXPOSES racism of Democrat Party and notes Democrat President Lyndon Johnson said “I will keep these “N-GGERS voting Democrat for the next 200 years by giving them Welfare Programs!
Aubrey Shines in depth discussion how Hillary and Democrats hurt Blacks, Hispanics and White people
Nuclear War effect on America – A vote for Hillary is a vote for Nuclear WAR with Russia!
And NEVER trust our CORRUPT LYING Pro-Clinton Anti-Trump Media!

See reports on media cover ups for Hillary Clinton, LIke Hillary Clinton BANISHING Bill Clinton’s Black son and VICIOUS, HATEFUL, LYING media:
Polish Americans know better than anyone about the DISHONESTY and LIES of the media...since Polish people for years have been attacked by the dirty Leftist Mainstream media because these Leftists feel Polish people will never live up to their degenerate Leftist standards!

For example Polish people support Donald Trump and his immigration policies....which the Leftist media hates!

I would like to especially appeal to my fellow Polish Americans to vote for Trump...since Hillary and her husband Bill HATE Polish people and all Slavic nations like Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc. They also hate Pro-Slavic nations like Hungary.

It should be noted that there are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of voting Polish Americans in EACH of the swing voter states that can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in this election. There are ONE MILLION Polish Americans in swing state Pennsylvania!

Back in May, Hillary Clinton was seen as a Bigot for going along with her husband Bill in promoting bigotry and slander against two good American allies Poland and Hungary. Bill Clinton accused Poland and Hungary of being "dictatorships" and "not having democracies".....because the leaders of these nations LISTENED to their people and REJECTED Third World Muslim Trouble makers from coming into their nations
We Polish Americans should never forget that the same (Leftist) “American” TV media like NBC-TV, CBS-TV, ABC-TV that have viciously attacked Mr. Trump…is the same media which has attacked Polish people.
"American" Leftist TV networks use Nazi German originated "Polish jokes" to degrade Polish people
Despite the fact "Polish jokes" origin is Nazi German propaganda..."American" "Anti-Nazi" TV networks used them to degrade Poles
So my fellow Polish Americans, vote for Mr. Trump.... not only because he will make America great again, but in DEFIANCE against the disgusting Anti-Trump Anti-Polish “American” media!
(PAR) James Luzinski
Polish girl speaks out against Muslim Migrants – Poles support Mr. Trump’s Immigration Policy
Polish people choose Mr. Trump!
Next News Network reports: Trump exposes how the Clinton Establishment/media will LIE, SLANDER and DESTROY you for speaking against their corruption and not meeting their dirty Leftist Globalist standards . [Indeed, we Polish American know full well how a chunk of the media has been slandering us for years because Poland and Polish people don't fit their degenerate Leftist Globalist standards]
A special appeal to all Polish Americans, especially the Polish American voters where large amounts of them live in the swing voter states. VOTE Trump to not only make America Great Again....but to get revenge on a media that hates Great American Mr. Trump AND us Polish people!
Breitbart: Trump says without the help of the corrupt media....Hillary would have no chance!
Farrakhan asks his Black audience "As Democrats...what did you get? Audience responds "nothing".
Farrakhan then explains why Obama FAILED the Black community.
Disgusting Clinton campaign INCITES RIOTS at Trump rallies and disgusting media SECRETLY LOVES these Democrat thugs!