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July 16, 2013 News: Lately all we have been seeing on the news is the fallout of the Zimmerman verdict and naturally everyone has an opinion about it, albeit they are primarily coming from the two sides, of if you were for or against the verdict
By (PAR) Gary Zundevicz:
Riots across America. So let me get this straight.....the supporters of Trayvon Martin don't feel he was treated fairly because they feel he was profiled/percieved to be a "violent criminal"...so his supporters protest this notion, by MASS CRIMINAL VIOLENCE??? Huh???
Lawsuit against NBC-TV for its LIES and pouring fuel on the fire of racial tensions in regards to the George Zimmerman case

So here we are with raised racial tensions in the US because of the Zimmerman verdict. But to be fair to the Black community which is angry now……the media like NBC-TV has FUELED THEIR HATRED with constant lies, exaggerations and incendiary talk about George Zimmerman and the trial….as noted in this Lawsuit against NBC-TV

Zimmerman lawsuit against NBC: According to Zimmerman’s lawyers…NBC-TV tried to make George Zimmerman look like a racist to inflame public hatred against him.

PAR Note: Its amazing that many of the talking heads at NBC/MSNBC are always promoting and defending Black people when some say.... these NBC people themselves would never choose to live in a Black neighborhood in Newark NJ, Trenton NJ, Bronx NY, Detroit Michigan, etc. Also, this is not the first time NBC-TV LIED about and tried to slander people or has been offensive to people. Here are just the tip of the iceberg of examples of NBC's arrogance:

-NBC made up LIES about a security guard at the Atlanta Olympics, named Richard Jewel, to make him look like a criminal/terrorist that he was not.
-NBC FABRICATED "evidence" that depicted GM trucks as being "explosive" and that exploded on impact (GM then sued NBC for Libel when it noticed in the NBC footage that the trucks were smoking before they were driven).

-NBC offended many Americans by taking the word “GOD” out of the Pledge of Allegiance in one of its last summer Olympics broadcasts.

-And God knows NBC-TV for decades has been using false imagery and slurs to slander us Polish Americans especially in the 1970's & 80's (The Polish American Guardian Society ALMOST won its lawsuit against NBC for NBC's anti-Polish defamation).

NBC-TV in short, is a disgusting, divisive, trouble making White Liberal Supremacist TV network that some how was hatched inside the borders of America.
Blacks beat up Hispanics and scream... “THIS IS FOR TRAYVON!”
One of the most hateful things that the White Liberal Supremacists in the media like at NBC-TV say....along with liberal black leaders is that white people have "White Privilege" over Blacks in America because of what they percieve are unfair things that happen to blacks like Trayvon Martin (although George Zimmerman is mixed race). Well I disgree.

White people are always being disrespected in the media. As reported by FBI statistics...there are far more black on white crimes then the other way around and virtually every media report on Black on White crimes is PLAYED down by the White Liberal Supremacist media. Black youth committing assaults and killings on whites are always called "youths" in the media WITHOUT their race being identified. Conversely when whites do anything against blacks the media virtually communicates it in BIG BRIGHT NEON LIGHTS of how the perpetrator was WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE!

Here is some of the "White Privilege" some whites have "enjoyed" in the recent year or so:
Black youths beat up white youth for fun and "notoriety"
White man beaten up by “bored” black youths, dies 1 year later. Black perpetrators not punished
Note: media does not give color of the white victim and the color of the black youths who beat him up
Manager of Seven Eleven enjoys his “White Privilege” by being beaten up by a mob of black youths
But despite today's racial tensions because of this verdict.......we must never forget that there is bad and good in all groups of people. Here....Martin Luther King’s niece Alveda King speaks out against those Blacks unneccesarily stirring up racial tensions.....and says some Black groups like the NAACP are “Race Baiting” against Zimmerman. Alveda King is definitely one of the more level headed and fair minded African American leaders out there. She is trying to calm down racial tensions in the US. She likes to refer to all races as just the Human Race.
"White Privilege" of 2011. FBI statistics show that Blacks killed far more whites than Whites killed Blacks. 448 Blacks killed Whites vs 193 Whites killed Blacks. And lets not forget there are 5 times as many Whites than Blacks in the US. http://rare.us/story/white-on-black-murder-who-really-is-killing-whom/
July 18, 2013:

Charles Barkely says on CNBC that he agrees with Zimmerman trial verdict.

Charles Barkely: There are a lot of black people who are racist. I don't like when it gets out there in the media because I don't think the media has clean hands. [PAR note: Indeed Charles Barkely is right, the media does not have clean hands on racial relations. As we at Polish American Review have pointed out….many White Liberals in the media who profess sympathy for Black people would NEVER choose to live in a Black neighborhood in Newark NJ, Trenton NJ, Bronx NY, Detroit Michigan, etc. These media White Liberals are hypocrites…..which evidently Charles Barkley can see]

MARIA BARTIROMO, CNBC: I'm glad you made that point.

[PAR note: Although we at PAR are not big fans of NBC-TV (because of their decades of anti-Polish defamation) we must point out that the people at CNBC are probably the most sane and level headed of the NBC-TV properties]

Michael Savage reports on the sayings of the great African American Booker T Washington: "Making a living of their troubles"


“Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” - Booker T. Washington
Larry Elder to Piers Morgan: 'If Rachel Jeantel's One Smart Cookie, Why Don't You Hire Her as a Co-Host?'

Mark Levin Suggests Sharpton And Jackson ‘Hate’ Zimmerman Because ‘They Thought He Was Jewish’
Recap from past: Alan Dershowitz blasts prosecutor's case against Zimmerman
Media hides Black on Hispanic attacks amid Trayvon Protests
Laura Ingraham: Rachel Jeantel media coverage shows ‘White guilt’.
Alan West: Obama's Trayvon comparison "horrific"
Media ignores murder of White baby. Exclusive: African American Ben Kinchlow blasts national press for ignoring black-on-white crime
Video: "President Obama & the Race Issue" - by Bill O'Reilly

[PAR Note: O'Reilly is correct that Hollywood's glorification of the gangster criminal culture is poison for young African Americans. This is hardly the first time Hollywood has pumped out garbage that has negatively influenced people's minds]
Weiner's "macho" pictures
Weiner's imfamous pictures
Flash VIDEO: 'Flash mob' robbery at DC convenience store [Despite the Liberal media saying all whites have "White Privilege", the white people in this store would most likely disgree and say their white heritage if anything was a LIABILITY, while this flash robbery occurred.

Democrat scandals boomerang nation wide
Police: Elderly woman who was beaten, raped dies
Sergio Martinez-Perez faces murder charge
Michael Savage outraged by ‘zero reaction’ to 2011 helicopter crash in Afghanistan
Mother of slain Benghazi victim: 'My son is dead. How could that be phony?'
Hate crime against white man motivated by Zimmerman verdict. Blacks rob and beat up white man and say "This is for Trayvon Martin" [Did this White guy have "White Privilege" the Liberal media says ALL Whites have? If anything being White is a LIABILITY in more and more situations in America these days]
Signs of economic insecurity. Although poverty has plagued the Hispanic and Black community, White poverty has recently exploded. Over 76% of White people 60 years old and over have economic insecurity. [Is this part of the "White Privilege" the Liberal media keeps saying Whites have??]
Mob of Black teens beat up White man in middle of Little Italy [Question to Liberal media: Did this white victim have "White Priviledge" that you say all White Americans have? I don't know, I don't see his White heritage as being a "Priviledge" here.]
Rangers’ Scheppers Attacked On Walk In Cleveland. Media does not identify the race of the youths who attacked him. [Gee what race could they be? LOL Hint: This white victim's "White Priviledge", the Liberal media swears every White person has, did not help him with his attackers.
Three black 15 year old youths, beat up 13 year old white boy on bus [The liberal media says ALL White people have "White Privilege" but this White boy 's race gave him NO Privilege! The victim's race obviously was a LIABILITY for him in this situation
Amazing! - Man collects signatures from Americans to let illegal aliens and criminals out of prison.
Swiss Sales assistant accused by Oprah of being racist fights back and says: "This is not true! This is absurd!
Two Black teens kill Australian white baseball player because they say they were "bored" [The Liberal American media says ALL White people in the US have "White Priviledge" but evidently this white guy's "White Privilege" did not save his life]
Three teens, 2 Black, 1 White .... charged in slaying of Australian teen.

Afterwards the 2 black teens charged with the murder said they did it for "fun" and felt their murder of the Australian white guy was a joke. The white trash guy with them, charged with being an accessory, at least showed some remorse and broke down crying.
Pat Buchanan says killing of White Australian is a sympton of the collapse of America's culture since Christianity in America is being destroyed. He said this murder of the 22 year old white victim hits a nerve with many whites since the victim looks like he could have been the son of many White people.

 Buchanan also says this is a Hate Crime and that NOBODY is talking about FBI statistics showing that Black on White Hate Crime is much worse than White on Black Hate Crimes, despite there being 5 times as many Whites than Blacks in America. [I have referenced these FBI statistics at the bottom of this page]
One of Black teens accused of murdering White Australian, made racist hateful anti-white tweets
Don't ignore race in Christopher Lane's Murder
 Another White man Murdered by young Blacks! An 88 year old White Vet was just killed by 2 Blacks

Here it is Whites keep getting killed right and left in America by Blacks yet the Media White Liberal Supremacists and Black Supremacists keep screaming that - White people are the bad guys who are "always killing blacks" when the OPPOSITE is true! They also say ALL White people have "WHITE PRIVILEGE! So WHY didn't this poor white guy's "White Privilege" save him from being killed by these murderers????
Black youths rob and beat man with hammer to steal his cell phone
Pat Buchanan says interacial Hate crimes are overwhelmingly Black on White. Says this is symptom of dying American culture where Americans are too afraid to speak out on this
Chris Lane Murder: Is a racist dimension of the crime being discounted?
Police are searching for two Blacks who doused a man with gasoline and set him on fire
At RNC event, speaker Bob Woodson says African Americans have taken a back seat to Gays and immigrants. He also says Martin Luther King if he was alive today, would give a prayer for Whites killed by Blacks including a baby shot in the face.
Who is Bob Woodson?
The KNOCK OUT "Game" is terrorizing innocent people throughout the US
Preteen Blacks bully 3 year old White Girl
Blacks Beat up and Rob White Woman
Police say 71 year old White male was told by attacker “that he shouldn’t be in his park where young black kids are playing.”
Murdered by KNOCK OUT "Game"
Six Blacks KNOCK OUT 70 year old White man
Allen West on Obamacare and the KNOCK OUT "Game"
When racial violence is a game
Crown Heights Councilwoman blames Knock Out attacks on tensions between Blacks and Jews
Good for Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons for speaking out against this stupid Knock Out "game" which primarily targets Whites and Jews.
"Duck Dynasty" Phil Robertson is taking a lot of criticism by the Left-Wing media for what's considered to be his anti-Gay and anti-Black comments. Its even IRONICALLY taking criticism from the ABC-TV network that has the Anti-Polish Nazi Jimmy Kimmel. How can ABC-TV imply that Phil Robertson is intolerant and prejudiced when ABC-TV has Jimmy Kimmel who is a Bigot himself, for pushing Nazi subhuman intelligence jokes about Polish people on Dec. 4? Not to mention Jimmy Kimmel made jokes about killing Chinese people. Instead of ABC-TV reporting on Robertson's perceived bias, maybe they should report on their own Jimmy Kimmel's hateful comments and prejudice against Chinese and Polish people?
Four arrested in deadly NJ Mall carjacking
Interview with a monster. Monster laughs at two people he killed and says FCK God. ADVISESHOWTV commentator says that women should not have babies with men who have no values and don’t act like decent fathers for their children. Otherwise they procreate monsters together.
Adds against Foolish Democrats who initially promoted Obamacare
Teen playing “Knock Out Game” gets shot twice by victim. ADVISE SHOW TV says thug Knock out perpetrator deserves what he gets.
Hundreds of teens go crazy and trash mall in wild flash
Rabbi sued after cutting off baby's penis
American Studies Association professors' Israel-Boycott BACKLASH
Michael Savage moves up to 3 PM-5PM (Eastern Time) time slot. [PAR Note: we here at PAR generally like Conservative Radio Talk hosts. They give much better news and viewpoints then the Liberal Supremacists at the OLD TV networks ABC-TV, CBS-TV, NBC-TV & MSNBC. Having said that, too many of these conservative radio hosts were too cozy with George Bush who we feel was bad for America with his idiotic decision to VENTURE into Iraq and WASTE the lives of TOO many American soldiers. Although Savage first supported the Iraq War he seemed to change his mind when he received more information about this Bush VENTURE (this is what he rightfully called it) . Also Savage has rightfully criticized Bush for his ridiculous AMNESTY position on illegal immigration. Savage is not afraid to criticize BOTH Democrats and Republicans.....where as many conservative radio hosts have been reticent about criticizing Republicans like Bush. Bush in short in our opinion, although starting out as a decent president......ended up being a DISGRACE with his stupid Iraq war and AMNESTY position on illegal immigration. Savage seems like he will give us a fresh view on things. We say Good luck Michael Savage.]
Bob Grant Father of conservative talk radio is dead. [PAR note: Bob Grant who is of Italian ancestry agreed with his Polish American callers that there was prejudice in the media against Catholic groups like Italians and Poles. He was a good man.
Bob Grant got angry at Jeremiah Wright for his anti-Italian remarks and was fustrated the rest of the media BARELY came out and denounced these anti-Italian slurs.....[Polish Americans who called him said the rest of the media barely condemned these anti-Italian slurs because there is a bias against Catholic groups like Italians and Poles in the mainstream media. Bob Grant agreed.]
Knock Out Thug attacks 5 Jewish women...But NO hate crime charges
A heart warming video - The Derrick Coleman story
Hearing impaired 9 year old girl & twin sister, get touching letter from Derrick Coleman
Derrick Coleman responds to Seahawks' fan letter
Coleman used other peoples' doubts about him....to motivate him
Deaf Seattle Seahawks star inspires 9 year old girl
How the Republicans lost Middle America - by Pat Buchanan [PAR note: Although we don't agree with Buchanan on some foreign policy issues, he has a good understanding of domestic issues
Ann Coulter: My Friend's Sister Died Because of Obamacare
 Bill O'Reilly's insightful questions with President Obama
Donohue blasts New York Mayor Deblasio's boycott of St. Patrick Day parade
A Beautiful Heart warming moment - 9 year old handicapped twin girls get a big surprise
UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey wins over tough challenger Sara Mcmann over the weekend. She is undefeated at 9-0. Good for Ronda
PAR Note: Just by looking at Ronda Rousey it appears to me she could have some Slavic heritage.
Sure enough.....we found out Ronda Rousey is 1/4 Polish. Her father was 1/2 English 1/2 Polish
Ukrainian Americans organize amid fears of Russian Invasion
Did Sarah Palin predict Russia invading Ukraine if Obama was elected?
Rep. Mike Rogers says Putin is playing chess while Obama is playing marbles
Kosciuszko Foundation President Alex Storozynski roots for Ukraine despite past tensions with Ukrainians.
Video - RT Russian TV anchor resigns because of Pro-Russian bias on Crimea situation. Commentary on how ALL TV media like Al Jazeera, MSNBC-TV, NBC, etc. have their own biases
Despite a possible backlash against Russian Americans because of Russia's action in Ukraine...many Ukrainian and Russian Americans are friends and both speak out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
In Obama's TOUGHEST interview, he's asked: "Since Dennis Rodman was your ambassador to North Korea, Is Hulk Hogan your ambassador to Syria?"...How does it feel to be the last Black President? "Will your presidential library be in Kenya? Where is your birth certificate? Who did you root for in the Olympics? He's also told he's a nerd and sounds like a Drone on Obamacare (Ouch!!!)
Poland's schools and education success - shows that those fringe Americans who still make "jokes" about Polish people being "dumb and ignorant"... ...only make themselves look dumb and ignorant
Two black teens arrested in brutal mob attack on white man who stopped to help boy he accidentally hit with car
JAY Z gets his bling (jewelry) from group that says "Whites are the Devils"
WWE World Wrestling Star, ICON and Phenomenom ULTIMATE WARRIOR... is dead :( :( :( RIP Warrior :( :( God Bless Warrior's soul and his family
Ultimate Warrior makes Prophetic speach about death a day before he dies - Warrior says: "No WWE talent becomes a legend on their own." "Every man's heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others, it makes them bleed deeper and something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized."